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'You had us in tears' Winchester is new territory for me as a children's entertainer.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Wow! Wow! and more Wow! You would think that as a busy children's entertainer doing parties every weekend, Saturday and Sunday and sometimes 2 in a day that I might be getting slightly drained or starting to feel like they are going on auto pilot. But no... They just keep getting more fun as I get more relaxed.

This one was another bundle of loveliness. I knew I was in for a friendly welcome from the tone and excitement in the emails that I exchanged with birthday mum Abbie. I think I'm right in saying I had 3 cups of tea and a coffee on for the journey home. That's enough to get yourself into my top 5 parties already.

Read on to witness the most impossible photo ever and one of the cutest mother daughter moments i've witnessed. Don't forget to watch the most adorable video. Which is where the 'you had us in tears' bit comes in.

One of the cutest mother daughter moments i've witnessed as a children's entertainer!

While I was half way through unloading I heard 5 year old birthday girl Bea give her mum a hug and say something along the lines of 'mummy thank you for planning this amazing birthday party for me' Ohhhh it made me go warm inside it was so genuine and heartfelt. I could have cried happy tears.

I was feeling absolutely chipper but just incase I wasn't on form, we had a stand in act with Bea's Aunty busting out regular renditions of her favourite Greatest Showman tunes.

Winchester Birthday Parties | Children's Entertainer | Circus Theme Party

So many little stars at this circus party.

Bea did amazing right at the start of the show to kick things off with some fantastic gymnastic tricks to the astonishment of her friends and other parents. Not many 5 year olds would so readily stand on my hands especially after what happened last time!

Right near the start we also had little Rufus, I picked him because he was amongst the tallest or at least I thought he was, I asked him how old he was and he was 4 and 3 quarters! A little bit younger than is required for the trick but we persevered anyway. It went wrong a few times, catching the ball in the hat, at one point Rufus looked dejected and moaned to me 'I can't do it!!' He looked really sad, but I gave him a pat on the shoulder and said yes you can. Low and behold he did it the next go and the reaction from the crowd was huge. All the girls went crazy and Rufus now has 1.3million followers on instagram. I'm exaggerating, but it really was a great moment captured fantastically in the video below which was diligently filmed by Bea's cousin Caitlin.

circus party entertainer

I'll also take a second to big myself up because i managed 15 catches on 5 clubs on the giraffe unicycle, it's not a trick I perform very often because it's quite scary and frustrating to practice. But today was a good day. Lucas 1, Gravity 0.

Winchester Birthday Parties | Children's Entertainer | Circus Theme Party

Now it's time to round this post off with the thing you've all been waiting for...The impossible photo. How is this happening? It's completely free handed and seems to be levitating on Alex's head. It will probably go down in history as one of the few moments real magic has been captured.

children's entertainer for birthday party

Thanks so much for the amazing party booking, do take a look at the video. It's super cute. Share with your friends if you like the post. Feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of this blog post it would help my SEO a lot and help me get found by more lovely families.

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Shaine Sandham
Shaine Sandham
2018년 11월 08일

😂 creasing over that joke! Sounds like a fantastic party! Hats off (pun fully intended) to you!

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