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Zoom Circus Shows for Schools

Protecting children's wellbeing has never been more important!

I'm proud to be able to offer my zoom shows to schools around the world. With face to face interactions more limited than ever, I believe we're in the midst of a crucial time for children's wellbeing.


On this page I will outline exactly what I can do for you as a school or PTA member for your school community.  

What will your show look like? 

How does it work?


There is enough stress for parents and teachers right now. I'm trying to take some of the weight off your shoulders by making my zoom shows as low maintenance as possible. They can either be a family show to enjoy together (adults have been loving my show) or they can be put on with the aim of giving the parents some time to get on with other things. 

Step 1

Watch the video above.


Step 2

Read 'How much does it cost' section below.


Step 3

Fill in an enquiry form at the bottom of this page. Give me as much detail at this point as possible. Number of pupils/families and your preferred time of day and date. Also include which payment method you would like to go for. 


Step 4

Confirm availability with me and secure your date. I will then send you an invitation with Zoom codes on.

Step 5 

Promote the show!


Thank you so much for a fabulous show! My two loved it... Completely entertaining from start to finish! Highly interactive and oozes creativity... I would definitely recommend!

Kimberley Raja, Facebook Review

Beyond the pandemic.

One day, hopefully very soon we are going to be back to normality. Schools will be back full of children running around and playing freely. I want to be part of the healing process. We put on the most fantastic circus days in schools. We can even bring a big top to your school grounds. Click here for more information about what we can do post pandemic.




Profit Share

You sell tickets to your school community. Suggested price for online show £10 per household. 

50% profit share between your PTA and me no matter how many you sell. No risk to your funding.


Set Fee

I've set my price for an online show at £100. This works nicely if you want to treat your school community to a free wellbeing performance.



A forward thinking approach to online shows. Suggested by a group of parents that wanted to put on a class show. Effectively a digital whip around. 

Frequently asked questions about online shows.

How many accounts can watch the zoom show? 

You can have up to 100 accounts on one zoom meeting. With advanced notice I can further upgrade my zoom to allow more. But my recommendation if you got to this number would be to split it into Key Stages or by surnames and book two or more shows. 

Is there a minimum amount of tickets needed to be sold for the profit share option?

No, there is no minimum. The more you promote the show and more tickets you sell the better both parties do so I will support you in promoting it.

How do we pay you? 

I accept bank transfer or you can write a cheque. Invoices can be provided after payment if it's done on a profit share basis. 

What if the internet connection goes? 

I have invested in fibre broadband but it is true that we are somewhat at the mercy of technology, only once has my internet dropped out and I was able to use my personal hotspot to rejoin the zoom within 1 minute.

Is there a discount for multiple shows?

Yes I am negotiable, just ask nicely.

In person circus performances at your school

During the pandemic at different stages I was able to offer Covid safe socially distanced circus sessions in person. I've written all about how we made it safe and made a video of the incredible performances in a blog post.  Click the button below to find out more. 

While you're here though and I've got your attention. Have you got 2 minutes to watch how much fun the pupils are having in the video below. Imagine that's your pupils. Get in touch to find out about our exciting circus days. We teach children circus skills using all the traditional circus equipment and then we put on an inspirational circus show that is fairly unrivalled on the circus in schools circuit.


In person schoolshows

Big Top Circus Shows on your school field.

We have been booked by quite a few schools to bring a big top to their school playing fields. Most of the time this has been the reward for a great Ofsted report or using up some funding for special experiences. We bring a bright big top, spend a day or so with the pupils teaching them skills and then put on a show.  It's a fantastic experience for the whole school community. These packages are fairly bespoke to need to be discussed over email. 


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