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Performing in the same venue 27 years later

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The extra special thing about this post is that I found out on the day of my performance that the venue for Alfie and Rafe's 7th birthday was also the venue my parents had their wedding reception in. 27 years ago when I was a 3 year old blue eyed heart breaker with a top hat and tales to match my dads.

Being of a bit of a hippy alternative crowd my parents were actually trend setters, pioneering the alternative wedding scene that would follow 20 years later. Their wedding featured 2 of their groomsman as a pair of jugglers passing clubs for them to walk under as they came out from the registry office. They had a circus performance during the reception and their friends 2CV as the wedding car.

That mean't that not only was I their as a guest at my parents wedding but I was also a guest star with maximum cute powers riding my little unicycle with the assistance of one of my dads juggling colleagues. So now I have 2 pictures of me in the same venue doing the same trick 27 years apart.

With that little diversion away from children's parties I shall swing things back around to the main topic of this website.

We were booked to perform at this double birthday party for 25 super friendly and enthusiastic kids. We had been seen by Alfie's mum Amy at another party in Bristol which I think must be getting on for 2 years ago so it's great that our names were remembered all that time ago.

In fact it was heart warming to see Alfie watch us warm up whilst commenting enthusiastically on the bits that he remembered from the other party. Little did he know that this was almost an entirely new show with lots of great news skills on display courtesy of Jony.

In the warm up we found out that Rafe and his family were regular visitors to Giffords Circus. Many of my birthday customers are fans of Giffords and if they haven't heard of them I always recommend they set a date to go and catch them. It raises the pressure for us to put on a good show slightly but also means they are going to be fans of circus so its swings and roundabouts.

The show featured all the usual Lucas and Jony signature moves and we managed to get all the siblings involved throughout the party, whether it's standing inside a bubble for younger sister, older brother being involved at the finale point of the show or baby sister going for a ride on the unicycle segway!

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

There was an incredible big top circus tent cake which was homemade by Amy, the highest compliment I can say is that I thought it was a professional cake so hats off to ya.

After the break for food and cake we were straight back to the mayhem. First on the list is stand inside a bubble which seems to work better in certain venues, I'm not sure whether it's air flow or just temperature of the room. Today it worked really well and there's some great clips in the video.

We rounded off the party with lots of mega ball bouncing and a big group hug for the birthday kids.

Children get to stand inside a bubble during kids party

Guests were treated to a Spinning Plate instead of a party bag which is something I am now pushing heavily as it cuts down on single use plastic and sugary sweets so I feel it's a good alternative option.

Amy left us a lovely review which you can read below and I hope you enjoy the video.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

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