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Devon's Greatest Greatest Showman Party?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Nothing like a humble claim to start the week. Who knows whether that's true or not. I know from my point of view it's the best Greatest Showman i've ever been to in Devon. Gemma booked us for Harry and Flo's 7th and 4th birthday respectively, she told us that we were going to go all out to make it a big one for them.

By the way, what a great idea combining siblings birthdays if they are close enough in age. It hopefully means that if you pool both birthday party budgets together into one party then certain things like ourselves are effectively 2 for the price of one, if you follow? I'm not sure i've explained that very well.

Firstly what did the party look like?

I managed to get a few clips together from this party and the video below shows exactly what went on but doesn't show all the activities and food.

Gemma did so many great extras for this party that I'm feeling a bit inspired to take my parties up a notch. She hired huge Circus event letters to add so much authentic circus atmosphere on top of our backdrop and ring mat that we provided.

Circus Prop Hire for a circus party

The circus letters also feature in the video above so you can see what they look like in situ. They were hired from The Prop Factory who are based in Exeter. From a quick look at their website they do all sorts of amazing circus and carnival prop hire and deliver UK wide so another hot tip there.

On the easier end of the budget touches, here's a great tip for easy Greatest Showman vibes with this pack of assorted posters to stick up on the wall. I might even get some myself and frame them. If I was clever I'd be getting an affiliate link set up but I'm not that savvy yet.

circus posters for a circus party

Ingenious Party Bag up cycling idea

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Hard to tell from this photo, but this is 2 pieces of bunting sewn together down the sides and held closed at the top by a pin. What a wonderful alternative to the traditional party bag options. Maybe one for if you're feeling crafty or perhaps a project you could do together with the kids. I say in my idyllic impression of what I imagine having kids is like!

One of the most beautiful rustic kids party venues i've been to...

A rather stunning venue for a children's party, you might say it's good enough for my wedding. Well that's because it's actually a rather lovely little wedding venue, tucked away in the quiet countryside of South Devon just outside of Teignmouth.

It's called the Humber Barn and you can check out all the relevant info here. The owners are really friendly and it is not long converted from being a milking barn.

What did Gemma make of the service? I will let her stellar review do the talking.

Lucas and Jony came along to entertain for our children’s joint birthday party. They were absolutely AMAZING!! All the children were enthralled and star struck from start to finish, with all the guests and the children commenting how much fun they’d had. Thank you guys - you made our children’s year!! Can not recommend them highly enough, they deserve 10 stars!

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