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A look back at a transitional and turbulent month in March 2019

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

My kids party business hits it's first bump in the road and how we've dealt with it.

March was a whirlwind month for me last year. I was fairly rocked by a change in circumstance for Moses meaning he very suddenly moved back to Kenya and Lucas & Moses were no more!

After performing together for 3 years and carving ourselves a growing reputation as a great duo, this was tough to take. It all happened very fast and was all round all a bit rubbish for everyone with very little time to get upset about the situation other than to find a solution. I had bookings to fulfil with both of us booked only days after learning that Moses would be leaving. Luckily my lovely wife Aimz was able to step in, whilst she couldn't fill his boots as a juggling partner...or can she?

See below for our year out travelling and how we filmed a juggling video all around the world.

So no, in answer to that rhetorical question, she can't fill his boots as a juggling partner. But Aimz is a full-time Reception teacher, bursting with enthusiasm, amazing with kids and great at teaching trapeze so we took a trapeze rig along to a party that was expecting both of us and put on a ridiculously good party.

Shout out to Zivi who was coaching me in business at the time and counselled me fantastically through this tricky transition.

They say a week is a long time in football, well in the space of a week I had found a new guy. Step forward Jony Tesafaye! The superstar speed juggler from Ethiopia! We had a couple of juggling dates and decided this wasn't just a Rebound! This was true love and it was time to get to work on some new material. No more than 3 days later and he was performing with me at a party in Essex.

A new era began and it was the turn of Lucas Jet & Jony Ethiopia as we have dubbed him. We like the way it rings and celebrates where he's from, a nod to Johnny English but a much more suave version.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

I was blown away by his individual routines and we have gone from strength to strength throughout the year. This is a video from our first party together.

Last March in numbers.

So how many kids party bookings did I fulfil last March. I managed to perform at 6 kids parties last March, I had one cancellation for a family emergency and I also did 2 primary school circus days and provided circus entertainment for 2 purim celebrations in London.

But what about the here and now? March 2020 will feature at least 8 children's parties!

A massive 9 schools days, 2 corporate jobs and 2 Purim celebration events. In summary it's a record breaking March!!!!

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