Big Top Birthdays

Your own private circus 

Tailor a package to achieve your vision and match your budget. Then enjoy the looks on your friends faces as they arrive to find a circus tent!

Important part to read before enquiring about booking a circus big top kids party

Just to be clear, we appreciate that booking a big top for your children's party is a big investment, so you want to make sure you reap the rewards of making such a fantastic choice. Thats where we come in. We are happy to advise on all the extras and provide most of them in house. Packages and discounts can be discussed to come up with a sensible budget to make your dream party a reality. The prices given below are just for the tent.  The best thing to do is get in touch. Have a good browse of the website and also take a read of these two case studies of previous happy big top party customers. 

Cirque Du Mini


What is absolutely lovely about this tent, is that its 8.5m diameter round big top, so we've squeezed it in to a city garden in London and it fills the space beautifully. You don't want a huge space if you only have 20 5 year olds and the parents to fill the space. With this little big top you can create the magic of the circus for the perfect children's party. 

Big Top Party Pow!

£1075 + VAT

Stepping it up a little bit, but requiring a bit more space. A 11 or 12m round. Gives a little more space for small level aerial circus performance if thats a direction you want to go in. It also provides a suitable space for hosting the full party. No need for any extra venue, there is lots of space in this marquee and we will have a lot of fun! Bonus is, you can host trapeze workshops inside this marquee! Birthday child on a trapeze = magical memory!

Wow now you've booked a full on circus!

£1500 + VAT

We have done some extra special larger scale children's parties that have booked these tents. They have real wow factor and you're moving into the realms of booking an actual circus with seating for 150 people or so. Huge potential to let your imagination run wild and hold a full cast circus show. Plus all the fun and frolics associated. We're talking Big Balloon Disco, Big Bear mascot costume, Aerial Workshops and lots more. This package is completely bespoke so we will design it with you to make your dream party. 

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About Lucas Jet

Lucas Jet is a children's entertainer specialising in circus entertainment with energy levels to match your little ones. Our aim is to create magical days for not just your child but you the parents and all your friends. A children's party entertainer that you will want to book again and again.

How can I help

For parties and children’s entertainment, We can create bespoke packages with you to best accommodate your budget and give each child a unique experience. No prices are fixed so get in touch with your idea and let’s get the party started!

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