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Circus Skills Tutorials with Lucas Jet

As well as doing my face to face performances, I wanted a way to reach a wider audience, this together with the lockdown situation from Covid-19 in early 2020 has motivated me to start creating tutorials where I can teach children my skills and give them the chance to teach themselves. 

I hope the videos are fun and informative. If you can subcribe to my channel using the link below then that will help me grow the channel. If you are looking for circus skills equipment I keep a small stock available for purchase on the link below which will redirect you to my other website. 

Learn to Juggle with socks

Learn to Juggle - first 3 tricks

Learn to do cigar box juggling

Learn these tricks at home right now

Learn to Spin a Plate

Beginner Flowersticks Tutorial

Beginner Flowersticks Tutorial 2

Beginner Diabolo Tutorial

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