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Learn more about Lucas Jet and his favourite entertainers to work with at your party.

''I am literally blown away! I can't express enough how amazing Lucas and Jony were at my daughters 5th birthday party yesterday''

''All the parents who came said that it was the best party they had been to''

Lucas Jet Kids Party Entertainer


I'm Lucas, the Jet bit comes from my middle name which is top secret and the fact that my surname was a bit of a mouthful, so I wanted something that kids could say and remember, so I went for Lucas Jet, and if I fail as an entertainer at least I can relaunch as an airline and keep the logo. 

I am in my late 20's at the minute and I shall maybe neglect updating this bit for a few years to hold onto that. I live in Bristol with my wife Amy who is a primary school teacher and one two boys Koa and Bo, Koa is 2 and Bo is just 4 weeks old, so if response time is a little slow right now please accept my apologies. 


"Totally blown away with how brilliant you were with the kids...Literally never heard him chuckle so much"

Kelly Campbell

"Captivating, talented and artistic... The rapport you have with children is one of energy but also motivational to watch."

Heather Richards

"So many comments on how great you were...Truly a great performer and very highly recommendable."


Originally from Reading and growing up through my teens in beautiful Devon, I've been living in Bristol for the last 12 years after moving here for University.


The first evidence of my circus passion came at Glastonbury as a 2 year old walking round on stilts in the Croissant Neuf field.  Following on from this I learnt to ride the unicycle age 4 and a half, and managed juggling at 7. 8 years old I had my first taste of the big stage at the British Juggling Convention Spring Board Awards.


Some other notable achievements in my younger years were juggling on main stage at Bracknell Festival with headline act David Byrne. Through my teenage years I was passionate & obsessed with unicycling, I won the British Freestyle Unicycling Championships 4 times which lead to an appearance on Blue Peter and clothing sponsorship deals with Plain Lazy and a unicycling sponsorship through leading european manufacturer Qu-ax.

bristol children's entetainer
Book a Private Circus Show | Circus Entertainer

Since 1987, Bigtopmania has been my dad's family business, originally a solo circus performer, it developed into a fully fledged circus entertainment and big top hire company. We provide bespoke circus shows to corporate events and festivals, as well as big top hire to a wide range of events all over the country. I work full-time for Bigtopmania installing big tops and running the fantastic festival children's areas which has allowed me to hone my skills as a children's entertainer since a very young age. 

The combination of myself as a circus performer and all round children's entertainer with Bigtopmania's circus equipment, expertise and Big Tops allow us to proudly provide deluxe level circus parties to those that want bring an actual circus to their back garden.  

circus children's party

Children's Entertainers I love to work with 

Jony Juggler for Circus Party
Circus Themed Entertainers
Chief PeteZa - Bigtopmania


Giving you the rather rare opportunity to book a father and son double act. Pete has been entertaining families, adults, children and everyone in between for the last 30 years. He founded Bigtopmania who have carved out a reputation as the finest festival children's area curators. He taught me everything I knew (up until the age of about 15 where I started to learn some new tricks ; ). As a 7 year old I would gatecrash PeteZa's show in an act he called Upstaged, I would pretend to be a volunteer child and then proceed to be skilful at all the challenges that PeteZa was supposed to be showing me how to do. He has some rare specialities such as china plate spinning, whip cracking, and trick lassoing, which has allowed him to put on some fantastic Wild West themed parties. 

He also puts on amazing bubble shows with big bubbles, chaotic bubbles and child in bubble demonstrations. When we perform as a group Bigtopmania show, Pete often adopts the Ringmaster or Clown role depending what team we are working with but is just as happy on a giraffe unicycle juggling knives. 

You can read about our group children's party entertainer packages over on the children's party page.

Big Foot The Clown Circus Entertainment
Jony Ethiopia!


Jony has been working with me since March 2019. He came to the rescue at fairly short notice. Only 3 quick sessions of rehearsing together and I threw him into the deep end of performing at quite a high end children's party. 

I wasn't worried because he had such well polished solo routines but I could not have been more thrilled with how the show went on that first day. I could see children's and parents faces visibly taken aback with the skill and dexterity. 

Since March we have performed together hundreds of times? That's a complete guess, but we've been busy. Circus shows here there and everywhere. Mainly kids parties and schools. 

He is a speed bounce juggler I have never seen hand speed like it. His other solo speciality is walking ladder and he is a very good hat juggler, cigar box manipulator and not a bad club passer. 

I've learnt a lot about performing from Jony and we continue to grow together. 

circus theme party enterainrs
knife throwing circus act.jpg
Big Foot the Clown


If you've grown up in Berkshire, its likely you've had a birthday party with either Big Foot or his brother Furry Foot.


They are famous in that part of the world and we are long term family friends with both of them. They have a knack for making the simple things funny and are true stand up comedians for 5 years olds.


I regularly watch from the sides and laugh to myself at how funny and passionate the children are shouting at him that he's doing it wrong. Great fun and completes the circus party cast beautifully. 

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