Exciting circus shows and inspiring circus workshops for primary schools


Lucas Jet delivers jaw dropping circus skills to schools all around the UK and has carved a reputation as one of the most exciting circus skills providers in the business. Every school day includes a 35 minute circus show, circus skills workshop sessions for all year groups from Reception to Year 6. Transform your school hall into a big top with the ring mat and backdrop which are included with every circus skills workshop booking.

Watch our circus skills in schools promo video and you will find out why we're in demand...

Lucas Jet Circus Skills workshops

Circus inspiration

Lucas always includes a high end circus show at the start of every school day. Complete with a beautiful backdrop and circus ring mat, your school hall will be transformed into a big top. The high energy and super skill level tricks make Lucas a cult hero in some schools around the country. Performing first also means the pupils have an amazing focus when it comes to the circus workshop part of the school day.  


Encouraging learning

It's a real pleasure to see that special moment when a pupil finally manages to spin a plate. Teaching children that there is a value in failure. Particularly in a world where everything is available at the click of a button, it feels more important than ever to find new ways to engage children in different ways of using their brain and their body. 

We create an assembly to remember for years to come...