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What will your children's party look like and what happens during the party?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Choosing the right children's party entertainers or booking your next kids party is not as simple as popping into John Lewis and talking to someone. It's not always easy to see what you can expect from booking an entertainer.

You have to sift through google to look at all the different websites of different kids entertainers and then try to assess whether they are right for you. I have to be honest there are some pretty dates websites out there and it can take a while to get to the right result.

kids parties in Bristol and Bath

I have tried to be as transparent as possible with my website in showing you exactly what your party could look like, that's why you will see lots of videos showing us in action. Please spend 5 minutes on the videos page of my site.

In terms of our offerings, the main difference between our parties would be if it's an indoor party or a big top party. Apart from that, what we bring to the plate will be the same at every party.

All our party packages include the circus backdrop and our ring mat. This gives your party a nice focal point and instant atmosphere to ensure some wow factor for your little guests and parents. If it's a 5 year old that's just started a new school this could be the first time you are meeting a lot of the parents so it's nice to give a great first impression with a stunning circus party theme.

You can see exactly what I mean in terms of what the parties look like by watching the videos included below.

But what actually happens at the party?

I find this is quite a difficult thing to articulate over the phone. Would you know what I mean't if I said we bounce kids on a mega ball or take them for rides on my unicycle hover board? Wheelies on a circus bike is a strange sentence to say and make it sound fun.

circus theme party in London

I'm not entirely sure that's even the right description for what it is. I am quite sure that the kids love it though. So I mainly refer people to videos like this one to get a feel for exactly what their party will look like.

This video in particular provides great inspiration for what you can do as parents to add to the party. Things like table decorations, cake ideas and costumes. I'd say this was one of my favourite children's parties since working with Jony. I wrote about it extensively and shared some tips on how to re create this party here.

This is one of the activities you can try at our parties...Megaball bouncing

There's more photos of what to expect in a couple of paragraphs.

big top circus party

This photo was taken from Arthur's circus party around a year and a half ago. We paid a videographer to produce a fantastic video to showcase what we can do as we knew this party was going to pull out all the stops.

A great example of what's possible if budget is no issue and you really want to put on a family celebration for the masses.

The video from that party is featured below and is an example of a big top party, we have a range of different big tops to suit different size parties and gardens. You can read all about the big top packages here.

This was at Loki's 6th circus themed birthday party in Bristol. It is what it says on the tin but I can never think of anything better to call it rather than 'child in a bubble'. Can you think of a more catchy name?

Stand inside a bubble is a really popular part of all my children's parties and is a fantastic photo opportunity and creator of lovely memories.

Bristol Kids Party

Apologies if my concentration gormless face sometimes ruins your cute photo memory.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

So you have now seen what a Lucas & Jony party looks like in the video above. How about when I'm just on my own.

This is my favourite recent video of a solo kids party in Malvern. I was booked as the entertainer for Maryam's daughter's party in a lovely community centre. I've had several enquiries for the same centre since, I'm not sure whether it's as a result of seeing this video or not. But it's a nice showcase of what the party looks like and gives a good sample of the show and accompanying activities.

Larger budget indoor children's party?

Some times people like to push the boat out for their indoor parties and book more than just Lucas and Jony. They go the whole way and book a trapeze teacher and stand alone trapeze rig to teach the kids on. This is a great addition for budding gymnasts to make their birthday party extra special.

Though as seen below in this video. It was for a joint boys party, neither of which were particularly into gymnastics but as you can see from the video. They took to it like a duck to water and also put on a great gymnastic performance at the start of the show. A tradition that we try to stick to for every children's party if the birthday child is ok with having a moment in the spotlight.

What could my party look like if I'm using a party stylist?

I wrote extensively about how amazing the children's parties that I do with My Kid Atelier are. They are for London families that want to hand over the creative responsibility to the professionals. Meaning they are able to sit back and socialise with their friends or enjoy watching their children playing.

You can read all about that post and the incredible pictures in it in this post. But for now why not use it as an excuse to share a few more of the incredible pictures that Karla Gowlett shared with me from that event.

circus party for kids in London

Balloon Decor for a Kids Party in London

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

So there you have it, a quick rap up of what your party could look like if you choose to get in touch with us for your next kids party. We are a little pricier than other suppliers but hopefully on watching the videos you will see that there is a reason and we are just trying to provide an exceptional service to as many lucky families as possible. We love what we do and I think that comes across in our performances. Let us know if you enjoy this post.

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