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The secret formula for the perfect children's party

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Ssshhh, keep this to yourselves, don't share this post or click the like icon, don't watch the video and give it a thumbs up on youtube. What I'm about to reveal is a detailed account of a recent children's party I was lucky enough to be the entertainer at in Kent. If I could bottle up this party and serve it up every weekend I would. So hidden within this post are some top tips that will help you recreate the Greatest Greatest Showman party.

If you're wondering why I'm so amazed at how great this party was, you can take a look at the video here.

If you like the look of us, do you think there might be someone you can show the video to? Maybe a school teacher that you know. We do fantastic school circus days where we come in and teach circus skills then put on a whole school assembly show. It's amazing! Anyway back to the party.

circus theme greatest showman party

Top Tip for unbeatable children's party numero uno.

Joint birthdays! I really like performing at joint birthday parties. I think they are such a good idea for many reasons. Sharing the limelight rather than it all being on one little person can be a great way to avoid too much pressure at the vital moments. It means the birthday child has a partner in crime for the duration of the party, from getting to the venue early to set up they have a buddy and afterwards they can still run around together reminiscing about the incredible party they've just had.

A particularly crucial part of children's party is the budget. It may seem obvious but by holding a joint party you are splitting the budget in half as well as the workload. Saving you in your wallet and your sanity. The 2 mums at this party played to their strengths and divided jobs accordingly, taking the pressure off in the build up, twice as many hands during the party and I imagine just an all round nicer experience to be pitching in together for a shared goal.

circus theme party for kids

Top Tip for unrivalled children's party success numero dos.

This one actually ties in to tip number one, but is worthy of a stand alone as it's so important and took these 2 mums 5 years of planning to instigate. Try to make sure the 2 birthday children have the same name. On this occasion they were both called Poppy. It was a huge help as an entertainer to not have to worry about fluffing my names up. Knowing that I only had to remember Poppy was a huge weight off my mind. If they can be dressed identical and both blonde it's even easier.

The mums saved on loads of sign writing and cake decorating as they also only had to worry about one name.

In order to achieve this. You may have to approach other women at your antenatal class to decide on a name to go with and stick with it. Once you have decided on a name you really just have 4 years of best friend match making to do and then on that 5th birthday it will all pay off and you can call your party Poppyfest!

Greatest Showman circus party

Proper top tips now

The devils in the detail. When planning your children's party, you don't have to go all in on the extra touches and you should definitely not over exert your self meaning that you don't get a chance to enjoy the party. Try to enlist the help of some other parents on the day, which seems to happen naturally as most parties I go to. Beer and Prosecco helps fuel these sort of helpers.

I've mentioned them before but I really like the marshmallow popcorn cupcakes that Lisa made for this party. They accentuate the birthday cake really nicely and were absolutely delicious.

This was a home made cake but I definitely thought it had been made professionally. If bakings not your strong point, keep it simple or find a cake lady in your area, I'm sure they would relish the challenge.

Final top tip to guarantee a children's party everyone will remember

Book a highly rated children's entertainer that's going to match the effort you've put in to make your party incredible, and if they do, then rate and review them like these guys did and now I have a lovely review to show off.

Best rated children's entertainers

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