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Roll Up, Roll Up: The Ultimate Guide to Circus Entertainment at Your PTA School Fair!

Performing at PTA school fetes is always great fun, it's not an area i've targeted greatly over the years. Mostly because my Saturdays are always booked and I prefer to visit the schools during the school day, but on occasion they work out if I happen to be free. Increasingly I've also had lots of enquiries for Friday night school events and I really enjoy a Friday night social. Schools in West London have been passing my name around like wildfire from a few specific shows I did and it's been some of the best organic marketing I've ever stumbled across.

From memory recently a booker got in touch but I couldn't make the date, she then asked her cub leader for any fun ideas to keep the children entertained, she recommended me. She also asked another school for ideas and they recommended me. Then I think they changed the date or perhaps my schedule changed, the memory is foggy. Then when they booked and told the head teacher, she said I had been to her previous school and was very excited. Then someone else in a PTA group recommended me. All in all the hype was building, expectations were very high and I was keen to back it up.

On this particular school fete they decided to fund raise through our circus shows. They did this by selling tickets to the show and also we taught spinning plates before each show and allowed the parent volunteers to sell spinning plates with a profit share between myself and the PTA.

I'm not sure how much money they raised from our shows specifically but I know they sold out 2 shows and then booked a third show and sold that one out as well, so safe to say it was a hit!

I really do love performing in primary schools, seeing their faces light up as I pull off my circus tricks is pure gold, the noise they create is off the scale at some schools. At this particular school it was more than just a gig – I really cherished being temporarily invited into a school community, being part of this lively atmosphere, connecting with the pupils and giving the families an experience they can share together, and being a memorable part of their summer fete experience. The whole vibe at this particular school was so cool. I can't actually think of a cool enough word. There was a parent on decks in the middle of the playground. Another parent was freestyle rapping and was so in the zone that they had to ask him to get off as their schedule was so packed. It really was a summer fair to remember!

Here's the feedback from Emma who was in charge of booking us for their PTA school fete. I can't wait to visit this school again!

Best entertainers for primary school fair

Experience the Wow Factor: Why Your School Fair Needs a Lucas Jet Circus Show

Lucas Jet School Circus booking for primary school

  1. Instant Wow Factor: The combination of the backdrop and ring mat delivers an immediate wow factor. To our knowledge, no one else in the schools market offers anything quite as visually impressive. Children will be excited, and parents will be impressed, creating high overall first impressions for everyone! We then back it up with a jaw dropping circus show so that also helps. Rest assured your choice of circus entertainment will be the talk of the playground.

  2. Audience Participation: Throughout our show, numerous opportunities arise for children to take the spotlight. We're known to bring parents to tears of joy as they watch their children balance on our hands, a moment intensified by the emotive music we specifically choose for that segment.

  3. Embracing Uniqueness: Our clients are always seeking something a little different, and we proudly raise our hand as that something special. In some schools, we might be the only chance a child gets to experience a circus, making it a truly exceptional opportunity for us to deliver this unforgettable experience to them.

Lucas Jet Circus performer visits primary school

pupils enjoying circus show at primary school
Pupils enjoying Lucas Jet Circus Show at Primary School

Pushing Boundaries: Big Top Circus Fundraiser for Schools with Bold Ambitions

Sometimes when it comes to school fundraising, it's not purely about profit. It's about giving the children a memorable experience that they will cherish for ever. An opportunity to create lasting positive associations to their memories of school life.

There is something very special about arriving to your school grounds to find a big top has popped up over night. It's a little bit of a magic surprise for pupils that are expecting a normal day at school.

Big Top Circus Show for School in Bath
PTA Circus Event in Bath

In recent years we've been lucky enough to do two big top school events on my doorstep. One of them was in Bath at The Paragon. A beautiful independent school that is nestled in the hills like a best kept secret of Bath. We had a team of 4 performers put on two different shows at the school. The shows were very well received with smiling faces full of wonder and a lovely way for families to spend an afternoon. We also spent the day before the event teaching the pupils circus skills as part of enrichment and to help give some extra context to the circus event for the pupils.

The PTA members booked the event based on seeing us perform at a private circus party of one of the pupils as long as 3 years ago and kept us in mind for when the appropriate opportunity arose.

The other big top fundraiser that we did was quite literally on my doorstep and booked as a result of my neighbour being on the PTA at the local school. It was fab to show them what we do. The PTA wanted to put on a special event to celebrate the merging of the infant school with the junior school. We had 3 performers and sold out both shows. We also had one of us stay and teach circus skills during the school fair which was running along side the ticketed circus event.

Here's a review from one of the PTA members.

Lucas Jet PTA event entertainment

Smart Moves Only: Navigating Around a Key Mistake in School Fair Entertainment Planning

In December 2024 I was booked by a London primary school for their Christmas fair. It was after school on a cold Friday night near the end of term. The fair had been organised by the teachers. From what I could gather lots of teachers planning individual pieces of the event and most likely very tired near the end of term.

They booked me to do 3 circus shows that were ticketed but didn't allocate people to specific shows. They also assumed they would need 3 shows when in fact they had plenty of space for bigger audiences than we had and could have squeezed plenty more into two shows.

As a result the first show was nice and full, the second show slightly less so but with some people arriving mid way through and the third show there was only 4 families.

My shows are really high energy and take a lot out of me, I get a lot of my energy from the audience and don't mind pushing myself when there is demand but...

By this point I had done 2 shows and had to summon the energy with a very very small crowd, I made a decision to do a sped up version, the parents enjoyed it but also mentioned on their way into the show that they were looking to get home quickly, it was 5.30 on a Friday night so a 30 minute show at that time of night when you've got kids to get home and fed and bed wasn't high on their priority list.

All the teachers bar one had also gone home by this point (don't blame them) but it left me feeling a bit under appreciated and a tiny bit resentful of having to do the final show.

Going forward I will strongly suggest allocating tickets to specific shows and only doing a third show if it's required.

Celebrating Togetherness: The Power of School Fairs in School Culture

Organising a school fair is not just about a bbq, games, and entertainment; it plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community, promoting school spirit, and supporting various school fundraising projects. School fairs serve as interactive and intergenerational events that extend beyond the classroom, offering a multitude of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of the school.

First and foremost, school fairs create an inclusive environment that brings together pupils, parents, teachers, and the broader community. These events provide an opportunity for everyone to connect in a relaxed setting, breaking down barriers and building a stronger sense of belonging. The sense of community forged during a school fair is invaluable, as it promotes positive relationships and encourages a collaborative spirit. What better way to get a glimpse into how your children interact with each other and behave toward teachers!

Additionally, school fairs play a pivotal role in promoting school spirit and pride. By organising and participating in these events, pupils develop a sense of ownership and pride in their school. Whether it's showcasing talents in performances, participating in games, or contributing to fundraising efforts, students become active contributors to the vibrant culture of their school. This increased school spirit can surely only help academic engagement and overall morale amongst pupils.

Don't Miss Out! Lock in the Fun for Your PTA School Fair – Book Your Entertainment Now!

One of the difficulties about school fairs is that you're all looking to put events on the same weekend at the same time of year. That's why I love schools that think outside the box and do something a little different. The Friday night circus social events are a brilliant solution from my point of view but maybe not everyones cup of tea.

Either way it looks like a lot of work to put these events on, having recently had children myself I can't quite understand how anyone has time to organise anything outside of their own children's laundry!

A massive shoutout and thank you to all the PTA members, teachers and volunteers for making it all happen. If you're part of a PTA and you want to create an event that stands out, let's make it happen together! This is your chance to bring the magic of the circus to your school and make memories that will be cherished for years to come. Reach out, and let's create something extraordinary for your next event!

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