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Circus Magic and Smiles: A Glance into Lucas Jet's Recent Children's Party Adventures

Hello, party enthusiasts! Lucas Jet here, first blog post in a long time. That's what having two under two will do to you. Just about keeping up with doing all the parties but social media and blogging seems all a bit low priority.

Anyway, I've found some time and I'm thrilled to share some of the circus magic in recent weeks. From Bristol to Abingdon, Virginia Water to Hawkesbury Upton, it's been a whirlwind of laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

First and foremost, a little personal reflection, I listen to a lot of content based around purpose or personal development and high performance or entrepreneurship. A recurring theme is 'do what you love'.

I want to express how much I adore my job. Bringing smiles to the faces of children and creating lasting memories is not just a profession for me—it's my passion, there are ups and downs and bumps in the road, 5 year olds aren't always the best audience but the last few weeks have been a testament to the wholesome journey I'm on, thanks to the wonderful families and communities that welcomed me to their party and into their lives.

Gratitude for Busy Mums:

A special shoutout to all the busy mums out there – your trust, bookings, and heartwarming reviews mean the world to me. I get a big virtual hug whenever I read them and super motivated seeing my diary constantly filled, it makes up for all the admin and headaches of working out my schedule, your kind words and thoughtful feedback drive me to make each celebration even more spectacular than the last.

Highlights from Recent Celebrations:

You can read the full reviews by searching Lucas Jet google reviews but let me share some highlights from the incredible feedback I've received:

Virginia Water with Gal: Gal from Virginia Water celebrated Milan's 6th birthday, and her words were pure magic. "Lucas was absolutely awesome! No words will be enough to say thank you for making Milan’s the best party ever''

Your phrase, no words was the best choice of words, and I can't wait for the next celebration.

Hawkesbury Upton with Jennifer: Jennifer booked me for a birthday right at the end of 2023 and what a way to end it, she had this to say: "Everyone had ‘Wow’ on their lips and the whole room was filled with utter magic. Lucas has a real gift with getting the rooms attention and making not just the birthday person feel loved but everyone! I would truly recommend him for any event!! INCREDIBLE!" Creating magic for every child in the room is what I live for, and your recommendation means the world.

children's party
Happy faces at a school children's party

Abingdon with Carina: Carina booked me for her twin boys birthday after seeing me perform at her school for a couple of years in a row, "You’re truly remarkable, not just an outstanding performer but how kind and caring you are, making sure every guest felt equally as special...I don’t think we’ve ever started a party so relaxed and I haven’t laughed that much in years."

I realise how self indulgent this blog post is but I think it's important to not be afraid to show off when you think you've done well and this has been a great run.

Lucas Jet and Jony Juggler entertain kids at a circus theme children's party
London Children's Party

Bristol with Rosie: A big thank you to Rosie in Bristol for her fantastic review but I'm just going to include the first sentence: "Lucas was absolutely incredible- if you’re hesitating, just book him while you can!"

As I continue this exciting journey of spreading laughter and creating magical moments, I look forward to many more parties ahead. I'm excited with some of the new material that we've been working on as Lucas and Jony, and in 2024 we're striving to make every event an extraordinary and joy-filled experience. Until the next adventure, keep smiling and spreading the love! 🎪✨

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