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Unique Children's Party | Circus Theme | In a Big Top

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Unique Children's Party Ideas | Circus Big Top Birthday Party

Is there anything more exciting as a young child than the glow from the lights and the bright colours of the circus big top? What if you could bring this feeling of mystery to your back garden and create a truely unique birthday party experience for your little ones. Well now you can. This article will focus on our red and yellow circus tents, and later I will tell you about our red and white ones!

Children's Circus Entertainer | Party Entertainer | Bristol

Children's Circus Entertainer | Party Entertainer | Bristol

Unique Children's Party Ideas | Circus Theme Birthday Party

Together with Bigtopmania, we are able to offer a limited number of deluxe children's circus parties to lucky customers that are planning far enough ahead to get an available date. Lets be honest this is a special birthday party plan and does take a lot of effort from all those involved but the results are rather special and will leave you and your guests with memories to cherish for years to come. We would actually love to do more of these parties; the enjoyment from parents and children as they delight at the circus show, the excitement and in some cases disbelief as your friends arrive with their children to drop them off for what they think might be a regular back garden party with some lawn games and they see a full blown circus tent. You're welcomed to the party by an impeccably dressed ringmaster! Eat popcorn, grab a glass of prosecco for the parents and enjoy a circus show thats equally as entertaining for the parents as the children.

Not just children's entertainers but genuine circus performers for a circus theme children's party

The level of circus show is very flexible, some parties have had as many as 5 performers but we have also done big top parties with as little as 2 performers. We do suggest you have at least 2, ideally 3 because you want to match the impact of the big top with the level of the circus show.

Children's Circus Entertainer | Party Entertainer | Bristol

More ways to make your children's party memorable

Trapeze Workshops | So you've already booked a circus tent and as part of that show you might well have an aerialist booked to perform, what we like to do is bring along a trapeze rig for her that aerialist to perform on, one of our most popular workshops at other events is for children to have an opportunity to try trapeze, we can do this at your party. Imagine the photo opportunities.

Children's Circus Entertainer | Party Entertainer | Bristol

Big Balloon Disco | Another Bigtopmania favourite, our big balloon disco's regularly get hailed as the favourite part of the festival for many families. It's all in the name really, we play some tunes, some cheesey, some kids, some great ones! Then we gradually release more balloons into the disco, culminating in a solar system of 3 foot balloons bouncing around causing chaos, hold onto your cake!

Face Painters | But not just any facepainters, our preffered suppliers Poppy & Perle offer fabulous children's faces, henna tattoos, glitter make up and are more than just face painters, they create living works of art.

How can I host a big top party? I don't have a large garden.

There are a couple of solutions to this sensible question. One popular option is to book a local sports club in their off season. Cricket clubs have been very co-operative in the past, we arrive early with a long wheel base panel van, no HGV's and set up and take down the big top within the day.

Also you may be surprised at how smaller garden we can work in. Recently we squeeze an 8.5m diameter tent, in someways the perfect size for a children's party into a garden that was just 11m wide. It was cosey to say the least but it looked great and created a marvellous atmosphere.


All the different factors that contribute to these parties mean that each circus party package is entirely bespoke so we can't really give an indication of prices here. If you like the sound of these parties please get in touch with us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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