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A birthday party the whole town will remember!

Updated: Mar 10

What happened to consistently producing one blog post a week? Summer happened! Sorry loyal subscribers, I'm sure you've been constantly clicking refresh waiting for the latest update but I've left you hanging for so long now. I have no idea where to start as it's been such a long time, but I do have amazing pictures from one party so I thought I could start with this one.

A's birthday party was truly a party that felt like the whole town could celebrate and enjoy. Back in July in the beautiful town of Usk, hidden in the welsh hills up popped a beautiful big top on a fantastically maintained lawn. We actually took the tent down at Glastonbury festival and brought it to the party site covered in Glasto dust. Luckily for us, they had a well stocked man cave and we were able to borrow their jet wash so we left the site with a cleaner tent than ever before!

I think there was around 90 children plus parents in total. Sometimes parents tell me they've invited a 100 and I take it with a pinch of salt. This was not one of those times. It approached party time and there was a slow dribble at first but then the masses ascended round the corner and had that magical realisation of seeing a giant circus tent on the lawn. Undoubtedly the party atmosphere was helped by the stunning weather whilst the guests were also treated to wood fired pizzas and a very well stocked bar for the parents. If I could do this sort of party every weekend I would!

Birthday mum said that A absolutely loved clowns so I teleported my favourite clown from Reading over to Usk and asked Big Foot to join us for the day, a grandmaster children's entertainer and will turn any hord of energetic children into a captivated audience. He had the children rolling around laughing as usual and we stood back and admired a master at work. In order to match the wow factor of the tent I am lucky enough to have Jony Ethiopia as my right hand man and he always brings his A game. As we often do, we had various parents coming up at the end saying they've never seen anything like it.

After the show we did all the usual mega activities but on a slightly grander scale as we had been pre warned on the numbers. They had 2 interactive inflatables, 3 or 4 mega balls, millions of bubbles and circus workshop equipment all included in the package from me.

Creating children's parties like this is why I love my job so much. I was hugely proud looking back over the photos and seeing all the enjoyment on peoples faces. It was lovely to be involved in a party that had such a community vibe with all the different age children and so many parents getting stuck in.

If you would like to book a similar children's party in a big top, or make your Greatest Showman party dreams a reality, you can get in touch with myself through the contact form on my website and book yourself a super children's entertainer that guarantees a family party to remember for years.

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