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A year in review! Some of the best children's parties from 2018.

Wow! What a year it's been for us. Professionally, it's been so lovely to see the growth and fill my calendar up with so many delightful children's parties. Not just parties. Loads of primary school circus days, big top circus shows, amazing festival performances, corporate events, bar mitzvahs and all manner of different celebrations. This website is specifically for kids parties and parents looking to book a children's entertainer. So I thought why not create a one stop shop of different videos from this years parties and the accompanying feedback.

I don't always manage to get videos of the parties but I will include everything that I have published from this years events so you can see some different performances and the resulting feedback. In fact here's a review from a party directly before I started doing the videos. It was extremely touching review and keeps me inspired to keep working. Thanks Deb!

Below is the first memory maker video I made, actually quite late into 2018, so I apologise for not including all the parties before that. But here we go, what a start! Look at that stage presence to set things off. Resulted in a really nice review.

Next up was a double birthday party, our first in a 5 star hotel and resulted in another 5* review. It includes some lovely spontaneous moments like the younger brother of one of the birthday girls stage invading on Moses and upstaging him.

From a professional point of view this next party was the biggest I had produced. It was almost a year in planning with the birthday mum and I was terrifically proud of the result. You can read a full account of the party and see the professional video here.

I also made a video out of the footage that wasn't used which I absolutely love and is a fantastic memory for birthday boy Arthur. Birthday mum Sarah was also awfully kind with her review from the party and has continued to keep in touch and check whether we are getting similar parties, which I'm delighted to say...we are!

Next up on the list is this delightful party which was the second year in a row that we've performed at Boo's party. As a family they saw us performing at Rewind Festival in Henley and we have checked in from time to time across the year, they then saw us at Rewind this year and rebooked. Anna gave us this lovely review from last years party which has been proudly displayed on my homepage for a while and I think the memory video is really delightful.

The most successful children's entertainer video of the year!

I feel bad pitting these wonderful videos against each other, but if you had to force my hand and ask me which was my favourite, it might be this next one. Partly because having done so many parties with Moses and doing less parties on my own. I sometimes worry that it will feel flat without my partner in crime. I couldn't have been more wrong. Wow! Bee's 5th birthday was just the most lovely of events with amazingly friendly families, parents, children. A pure delight all the way through and I think the video reflects this.

What age is best for my children's parties?

Here's a video from Sienna's third birthday. I was a bit nervous as I've only done one 3 year old party before and I felt out of my depth. If I'm honest I felt like this party I was out of my depth a bit as well. 3 year olds are just that little bit too young to really understand it, no matter how much I tried to silly it up and connect with them. I just couldn't quite get them under my spell. Birthday mum Emma was super happy and gave me this amazing feedback so perhaps I'm being too harsh on myself.

Amazing children's party options in Bath

Wow Wow Wow. Here's another beauty of a video. I loved this party for so many reasons. I was delighted to find a family local to me that was happy to put faith in us to deliver such a wonderful event. I have always previously had to travel quite far for our parties but this was the first proof that maybe eventually we can localise a little bit. The crowd was brilliant and we were made to feel so welcome by everyone. We've kept in touch with the family and they still regularly comment on how well the party was received amongst their friends.

In fact, as if I needed more proof that to become a more local children's entertainer was possible. Then I had it a couple hours later. We performed at Advad's birthday party in Corsham a few hours later that afternoon. Thanks for the incredible review Bansari.

I'm going to leave it there for now because even reading this through rose tinted humble glasses I feel like it might have come over a little braggy?

Which video was your favourite? Please let me know in the comments. If you like the videos you can share them with your friends who you think might like a Lucas Jet party.

Lastly thanks so much to all the parents that have booked us in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for 2019 news! I'm certain it's going to be bigger and better.

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