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These pictures tell you all you need to know

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As a circus performer and family entertainer, I have spent years chasing the perfect picture to use on my website. A photo that captures the dynamism of the skill I'm performing and captures my face with a faultless smile and not a hair out of place, 8 juggling balls perfectly spread out in the air above me and my hands in focus rather than a blurry zig zag of skin. Sadly every time I try to take this selfie I drop the balls and my nose looks massive.

However thanks to a recent children's party in Bishopston, Bristol. I now possess a collection of incredible pictures that communicate the enjoyment of the party far better than anything I've had so far. So thank you so much to Hannah who captured these beautiful shots. I've got about 1000 photos to sift through from this party. I haven't made it quite all the way but suffice to say the best pictures don't feature me at all.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

So I don't really know what else to say about these pictures.I feel like the girl on the right is almost having a grown up laugh with me. Like she's in on the joke and she's just humouring me. Far left is really going for it and is letting out a super belly laugh and the other two just have perfect happy laughing smiles. It really is wonderful to see these pictures.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

I'm pretty sure I know what part of the show this is, it's actually right at the start of my show and is a part that i've been doing for a while, I've been toying with changing it, but if it gets reactions like this I might have to leave it in. Super enthusiastic 6 year old boys all completely engaged in the show.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Wow! I love everything about this picture. We've got the parent in the background with an audible gasp expression showing genuine amazement. You've got the chap that's clapped his hands to his face in amazement. Either side of him you've got two boys with jaws almost dropped. Skip one to the right and you've got a girl that's also jaw dropped though admittedly it could be a yawn.

Wow wow wow. I love these pictures so much! I need to find some space on my site for them!

Just incase you were wondering whether we were actually there. You can check out a little compilation of our performance on instagram here.

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