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Family Entertainers February 2019 vs 2020 - Lucas and Jony & busy weekends full of kids parties

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

February for fantastic family entertainers Lucas and Jony

February always catches me out somewhat, I concentrate so hard on being busy in January that I sometimes neglect January. We also went skiing with our friends which rules out two weekends so I never manage to get as much done. Having said that I still managed to book in 4 parties. One of which resulted in the most lovely review!

Absolutely fabulous. Couldn’t have asked for a better entertainer for our children’s 6th birthday party (Greatest Showman themed). Lucas has incredible skill combined with such a calm friendly demeanour which really sets him apart from other entertainers. All the kids were also given a chance to get involved making it so special. The children and adults were captivated and so many people said to us that he was the best entertainer ever and he was. Already considering a greatest showman 2 party next year!!!!!!!

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

We also ventured into the slightly daunting world of February Big Top parties. Obviously Big Top parties are more suited to lovely spring or summer days.

That's not to say we haven't done more than our fair share of winter parties. We always bring a space heater to bring the temperature up to room temp, but it's more the set up of the big top especially on a wet February day and then it's getting it down clean and dry which is near impossible.

There was a storm brewing and it was a very wet day putting the tent up. But luckily on the day of the party the weather was better and once inside the tent you could forget that it was miserable outside as there was so much colour.

I was working with a couple of different team members to my usual partner in crime and I made this video to showcase what a fun party it was.

Here's the feedback from Jennie who was our host mum for the day.

Thanks so much for making yesterday such a special day for Caoimhe. You were just wonderful and we are truly grateful to you. You were so brilliant, We can't wait to see you again next year!🥳🥳🥳😊😊. Honestly thank you so much for the special memories you made for us all.

How else did I fill my Feb?

I also performed at a club night in Coventry, it's not something i've particularly marketed myself towards and it was strange being on a podium rotating between me doing my juggling and then sometimes it was 2 girl dancers in bikinis. Oddly enough I did have a solid group of 5 student lads that absolutely loved the juggling which was nice.

Together with the 4 children's parties I also did 1 corporate job and 1 school day.

For those looking to get an inside scoop, I also went indoor sky diving with my mate Joel.

What does February 2020 have in store?

Well here's some inside knowledge for you, i'm that organised that I'm actually writing this blog post on 9th of January, so I can only talk about what's booked now. Currently I have 4 parties booked and 1 school day.

I have a double header 5 year old party in Bath which is going to be super lovely as I can see they have an eye for detail from their invitations.

As well as parties in another double party in Devon in a beautiful wedding barn venue which I'm super excited for!

Then I also have my first kids party in Swansea for another 5th party. This time it will be in the host mum's yoga studio with a really low ceiling so we shall see how we get on!

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