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I can't pick my favourite out of these November children's party reviews?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Firstly, to randomly set the scene...I am guilty of comparing myself regularly to other people and peers. I see some friends of mine who have founded a circus called Circus Abyssinia. Bibi and Bichu are touring the world around arts festivals and constantly globe trotting from New York to Adelaide and everywhere in between. They are always sharing 5* reviews from broadsheet newspapers and I start to think to myself maybe their show is just better than mine? I joke, I joke. If you haven't seen Circus Abyssinia, you definitely should check out the trailer below and catch it next time it's in UK.

But that's enough scene setting. They get 5* broadsheet arts reviews. I get 5* Facebook, Google and Yell reviews. Does one opinion count more than the other? I'm not saying I wouldn't love some critical acclaim, but I love so much that people that have paid all the money to have us perform are eager to spread the word of how much they enjoyed their children's party.

'A great money raiser for a PTA event...circus performers'

So starting the November happy customers off was Dani from Little Gaddesden Primary School in Hertfordshire. Myself and Jony were booked to be the entertainers for a PTA fundraising event at the school. It was a Halloween party and we provided a focal point for everyone to watch and enjoy the show. Along with a few other elements such as teaching the children circus skills and things. Great fun and I hope to be involved again in the future. We absolutely love bringing our circus skills to primary schools around the country. If you can think of any teachers that might enjoy our show, please do pass on our details.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Just hours before performing this show, we were round the other side of London in Dulwich performing at this incredible carnival themed children's party which has been well documented in this post.

Birthday mum 'blown away' through sheer excitement of circus show at children's party

The following weekend we had a rare Saturday off from children's parties but made up for it with 2 on the Sunday in Kent. One of which was Poppyfest in Sevenoaks. It was a fantastic party and really is the kind of party you want to do every weekend, the host parents were quick to get the kettle on, they had put in loads of effort to the special touches and the guest parents were a really engaged audience. This is the perfect recipe for a successful children's party. It allows us to make it into a full family experience that everyone enjoys together. The children enjoy the show and the parents enjoy the show but get extra happiness form watching their children laughing and cheering and generally sharing in the wonder of potentially their first live circus experience.

''I am literally blown away! I can't express enough how amazing Lucas and Jony were at my daughters 5th birthday party yesterday - we had a room full of over 40 children and all their parents who were transfixed for the entire party.''
Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Honesty from me: I didn't have my finest hour at this party

Next up we have a party in Battersea Arts Centre for Freddie's 5th. I think it's important to be honest with myself and everyone. This was not my finest show. The room looked incredible on paper, they have a party space with all these tele tubby hills and fake grass and tunnels. I thought it would make for an amazing show. But as soon as the children came in to the party I could see I was in for a tough crowd. Usually I have the children's attention because I am the only unusual thing in the room so I can warm them up with plate spinning. However here I was competing with a bridge, a tunnel den thing and lots of hills to run around on. The parents were really supportive and engaged and ultimately loved the show but I did have a constant struggle to keep the kids engaged and stop them from running and hiding. By the time it came to the finale I had the majority of kids engaged and enjoying it, but from my high standards I felt I struggled. Which was even more amazing when birthday parents Sally and James left me this review.

''Lucas was absolutely amazing at our 5 year olds bday bash!! He far surpassed any entertainer we had seen before - everyone was absolutely amazed by his tricks! He had both the children and adults in stitches!! I can highly recommend him - we are looking for excuses for another circus themed party now! ''

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Instagram and Instant Gran review!

The following day I had 2 children's parties booked in. Sunday morning was a circus theme children's party near Henley-on-Thames for Chiara's 8th birthday. I got recognised from my recent entertaining at Millets Farm Centre straight away which was a nice ego boost. I had a lot of fun and banter with a slightly older crowd, even engaging in a bit of heckler back and forth with one particularly ahem talkative young guest.

The birthday mum is an instagram blogger and put up a wonderful insta story all about the party. If you want to get some circus party inspiration or general mum blog goodness you can find her profile here.

I was also thrilled to receive a really lovely review from Chiara's gran which you can read below. Tara (birthday mum) also said that her dad loved me who is difficult to impress. So it's self pats on the back all round for this children's party entertainer. I'd love to do more children's parties in Henley area so I look forward to building my reputation in the area.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

After a nice easy Sunday morning I was headed to Windsor for a triple boys birthday party. Perhaps a sentence that would make some people scared to get out of the car. I was glad to have my partner in crime Jony Ethiopia with me. I entered the room to a good gang of young boys running round playing football and generally being boys. After I pinched the ball and skinned them a couple of times they realised I was not your average children's entertainer. I then gave them a pep talk about how their parents had spent a lot of money on putting this party on for them and it was in part up to them to help ensure that everyone was able to enjoy the party together. It worked a treat and calmed them down enough to do some fantastic gymnastics with them. They all played a great part in the show and I think we left a lasting impression on all the parents and kids that attended this amazing kids party. Windsor children's party entertainers have new standards to match now and I hope to continue to visit the area.

''I can happily recommend Lucas and Jony from Lucas Jet. Everything was professional from start to finish. Great communication, easy going and stress free. We had a 3 boys joint birthday party and the boys and everyone else loved it and were blown away by the amazing performance. Got parents talking for a few days too. I am also truly grateful to Lucas and Jony for including every single one of the children in their show as a lot were not expected but they made it look seamless. I wish them all the very best and I hope to see them performing again soon!''
Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Skipping onto the following weekend via a couple of primary school circus days all around the country. This weekend we were in Bourne End for a mega double Greatest Showman children's party for Archie and Seren. Cousins that happen to have birthdays close together, what great forward planning by Kate and Amy. I think they had 6 Greatest Showman outfits just in the 2 host families, you couldn't fault the effort they went to. They booked Bourne End Community Centre which I definitely recommend as an amazing kids party venue, the lighting is great for the show, plenty of space, a good in house sound system and a well stocked bar for the parents! We will be back!

I was particularly proud to receive a review from a guest mum at the party, I think if a guest attending the party feels implored to leave a nice review about your service then you know you're doing a good job.

''Wow wow wow! We saw you today at Archie’s party and honestly I’ve been to lots of parties over the years and you blow them out the park. You were entertainment for the children and adults which is so rare! I am actually not a fan of circuses and I thought that’s what you would be.... you were so much more entertaining I’m still laughing now. Very well done and keep doing what your doing! All the best!''

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

The Sunday I was back on my own performing at another triple birthday party. This time it was for twin boys Flynn and Alfie as well as little sis Niamh. They had booked me based on seeing me performing during half term at Millets Farm Centre. I put loads of energy into the show as I could see they were a hyper bunch of children and I was slightly worried I wouldn't be able top match their energy. I had so much fun attempting to match it! We had various unique moments throughout the show, loads of banter between me and the kids, the parents all watched it in a fantastic engaged way and we had the best show and party to end the weekend. By the time I got home I had this lovely facebook recommendation waiting for me from Sarah and I'm really grateful for her and all the parents for taking the time to set aside and write such thoughtful and kind words about my children's parties.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Possibly my finest month this year, definitely in my top 12!

I'm not sure whether it was my best month ever. To look at the reviews I might say it was, and there was 2 parties that I did that went really well through the thank you texts but didn't translate into reviews just yet. I certainly had lots of fun. I felt like I grew in confidence as a performer from the different situations I was put in throughout the month. Bring on the coming months. January and February are already filling up with some exciting events and I can't wait to see what 2020 brings!

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