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How to throw a Scooby Do and Circus theme party!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

This kids party in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire was loosely Scooby Do themed. I didn't actually know this until I arrived and saw evidence of perhaps a slight scooby do obsession. Obviously Scooby Do is not our field of expertise but we are top dogs when it comes to circus parties.

So in fairness, this post is about saying if your child has a mild obsession with the latest trend, whether that's Frozen, Greatest Showman, Starwars or Scooby Do then just go with it.

Rebecca (host mum) did just that. She got Scooby Do plates and party food for the food tables as a nod to her sons favourite film and even tasked her cake lady with making this totally amazing 'Scooby Do at the Circus' cake. The cake was made by Chocolate Utopia, Oxfordshire.

Amazing circus theme birthday cake

We were actually booked a year in advance for this party which I think is my current most advanced booking. Lovely to know that you've guaranteed a weekends worth of work in January a year in advance.

circus theme kids party in the cotswolds

Birthday Boy F was turning 6 and was a really adorable little character with quality conversation skills that kept us chatting away while we set up, he was brimming with confidence and very inquisitive about all the interesting items that we were bringing into his world for the day.

You can see how much energy he has with his cameo in our performance below.

What would your Oxfordshire Kids Party look like?

No Hassle Kids Party Pudding!

Ice Cream by The Incredible Ice Cream Co was a huge hit with the 6 year olds. The amazing Ice cream bus adds so much colour to the event and even looked slightly Scooby Do themed.

They're a friendly company who have been plugging us on social media after enjoying our show and for any birthday parties that are looking for a stand out party add on that's no fuss for yourselves these could be a great option.

incredible ice cream company

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

Here's what Rebecca had to say about our kids party service.

Amazing birthday party - we hired Lucas and Johnnie for our son’s 6th birthday party and it was fantastic. The whole audience was captivated, even the parents, and people are still talking about the show over a week later. My son loved the entertainment and loved that he got to be part of the show. You can tell from the performance that these two men are passionate about what they do. They taught our son some skills and at the start of the party they had all the children spinning plates. One parent said you think you’ve seen it all at children’s parties until they came to this one! This was a memorable party and we will be hard pushed to top this next year. A big thank you for such an amazing birthday party.

Rebecca also did an amazing job capturing the party in photos which is not always easy to do when we are moving so quick. But there's a selection included below for you to see. Mainly based around the circus show.

circus theme kids party in Oxfordshire

circus theme party performers

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