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Children’s Party Entertainers in Amersham. Chesham and Beaconsfield.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

That's right we're not just Bristol children's entertainers, we go all over!

Moses and myself have been booked as the party entertainers for several special birthdays in the last few months in Amersham, Chesham and Beaconsfield. All of them were 6-year-old girls and truthfully they were all real showstopper parties. Today I will mostly be shouting about what an amazing time we had at Freya’s 6th Birthday party at Beacon House school.

I knew from my correspondence with birthday mum Helen that I was in for a really lovely children’s party. First impressions with Freya further confirmed this, proudly showing off her birthday cake, pointing to the bits that she iced and telling me about the amazing cupcakes that were made from marshmallows to look like popcorn!

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

The school hall with its big wooden beams made a fantastic backdrop for our circus show and I could just feel it in the air that this party was going to be special.

Moses started working with Freya on her gymnastic routine to start the show with. You can see from the video below for yourself but I for one have never seen such stage presence from a 6 year old! Perhaps today we unearthed a future star and it really didn’t take much encouragement to find the inner performer. It was more of a case of holding her back so she didn’t upstage us too much.

From here on out at Freya’s party it was business as usual for us with thrills and laughs throughout. The rest of the post has a few tips on how to get the best out of a Lucas and Moses Circus Party and also what you can expect to happen.

Top tip to make the most of your Children’s Entertainer

A strong start to the show always carries through to the rest of the show.

Having the birthday child be such a star at the start of the show is a fantastic attention grabber as well. Some parents might envisage the children’s entertainer as something purely for the children. But we are really family entertainers and hope to put on a show that enthralls the adults as much as the kids. Watching the wonder on your child’s face as they sit transfixed through one of our routines or laugh uncontrollably at the simplest of wind-ups is an experience to be cherished.

As the host parents, you’ve paid good money to book your children’s entertainer so do make sure you take 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy part of the show. This is the time when the memories are made and it’s nice if you can see it first hand.

What happens at a typical Lucas and Moses Circus Party?

So we arrive an hour before the party start time. This time is for us to unload, set up and warm up. It’s also a chance for us to break the ice with what can sometimes be a nervous birthday child. Moses usually takes this time to workout what level of acrobatic routine the birthday child is capable of. Don’t worry if they’re shy, he is fantastic at instilling confidence into even the most timid people.

The first ten minutes as excitable little guests arrive we currently play The Greatest Showman soundtrack and I have a box of spinning plates ready for everyone as they arrive. I personally introduce myself to each individual child as they arrive and get them spinning a plate. This is another great icebreaker whilst allowing late arrivals to filter in without missing much.

We get straight into the excitement with a thrilling 40-minute circus show. As mentioned earlier, lead the way by pulling up a chair near the front rather than standing at the back. You can still have a bit of a natter with your friends but I challenge you not to be engaged when you witness Moses in a one armed handstand or when I pick the dad out for a slow dance on my unicycle.

After the show we will help orchestrate the children to sit down and have 15 minutes of party food. You can choose to have the cake and blowing out the candles at this time or if the kids are getting restless we can crack on with the rest.

Post party food I tend to get them sat down and settled to watch as everyone take a turn at the spectacle that is standing inside a bubble. This is quite a magical moment and you can even put 2 siblings in there, though they have to hug which does make it potentially an even cuter photo!

To keep things fluid and make sure no children are sat around waiting too long, Moses starts doing acrobatics with other children. The party is so full of excitement and lovely photo opportunities. He will soon have them standing on shoulders and you won’t want to put your camera away. Dad’s come away from the party with high demands of the new acrobatics to do at home from now on.

No party would be complete without taking a turn to have a ride on my circus bike. Children stand on the front stunt pegs and are their face is a picture as we suddenly do a wheelie, lifting them up into the air giving them the feeling that they are flying.

It’s now time to start saying goodbyes. That’s more than enough fun for one afternoon. Make sure you have a small team of helpers readily assembled to help clear up the hall. We will load our stuff up, say an enormous thank you for booking us and give the birthday child their gift. Which is a handmade canvas party bag with their name on it.

Extra touches we provide for a circus theme children's party

I've previously written about our party bags that we provide en mass for guests if requested. We also provide high quality spinning plates as a giveaway. These can go inside a party bag or can be the giveaway themselves. A nice touch is to write 'Thankyou for coming' in gold sharpie on the spinning plate.

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