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Children’s Party Circus Entertainers in Almondsbury – Bristol

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This was a special circus party in more ways than one. Not only was it a triple 6th birthday for Logan, Maisie and Seren, but it was also on the afternoon of the 23rd September, which was the morning of my half marathon. I ran the marathon raising money for the fantastic Flying Seagull project who roll in the same circles as us at festivals and I've since seen doing the most amazing kids entertainment at a recent mega children's party I was also working at. If you're so inclined you can still donate to my page here.

Lucas Wintermei Half Marathon Results

I took the booking on in full knowledge that I was doing my run the morning of the party. For me as a children’s entertainer that travels the country, I was so grateful for being booked for a kid’s party in Bristol. I wasn’t particularly worried about it. I suppose maybe in the back of my head I was mildly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to walk very well, but the adrenaline of the situation carried me through. I ran the half in 1 hour, 32 minutes which was 8 minutes quicker than the target I had set for myself. Enough about the marathon, you are here to read about Lucas Jet the Bristol based children’s entertainer not marathon runner!

Top Tip for getting the best out of your children’s party

On arrival Logan greeted me with enthusiasm and knew that my name was Lucas Jet and that I was a champion unicyclist. Birthday mum Aimee had obviously shown him my videos in the lead up to the party creating an almost celebrity children’s entertainer persona something I’m more than happy to go along with. I think showing them my video or picture is a great way to build the excitement of the show rather than me being an unknown person on arrival. I am now an instant familiar face with them and it helps break the ice on first meeting.

Bristol Kids Party Circus Entertainer

I had such a great time entertaining the lovely children at this party. They were the perfect crowd for my slightly fatigued self. I had 30 or 40 very engaged smiley children sat watching enthralled and the parents were so up for joining in on the show as well which I’m always super grateful for. It makes such a difference to have the full room enjoying the experience together.

Each one of the birthday children had various different parts to play within my show. They all performed an acrobatic stunt with me at the start to get the crowd warmed up the finale of which was Seren standing on my shoulders!

Later I had Logan helping me with a juggling routine and further into the show Maisy got a special birthday ride on the circus bike. I get as many children involved in helping through out the performance and even more so on this occasion I noticed all the different age children were equally enjoying themselves to the max. Huge smiles from one little lady who must have only been two, so I’m not sure how much she understood but whatever her thoughts on it were she was loving it.

We had a good break for food and you could see the benefit of having three sets of parents all bringing their contributions, as it was an impressive spread. I replenished some of my reserves with a pile of jaffa cakes and fruit to power me through the final hour.

The final hour involved child in a bubble, a few rides on the unicycle segway and we finished it off with a good old game of musical statues and bumps.

I’d like to say thanks to Aimee for the booking and also thank you to all the other birthday parents and guests. This was another fabulous party and I hope to see you all again for another one. This Bristol Children’s Entertainer is building up a local name and in a few years time I hope to be able to stay local on some weekends. There’s only so many times you want to drive the M4.

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Lucas Jet-Crane Wintermei
Lucas Jet-Crane Wintermei
Oct 02, 2018

Not the easiest of days!

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