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What to expect when booking these Bath children's entertainers

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Here's 2 examples of Bath based children's parties in completely different settings but showing how much fun we can have at both.

Well 2 big super special children parties in the Bath area one one Saturday in mid November mean’t I was very deserving of a hot bath later that evening. Instead I ventured to East London for a friends birthday party and had even enjoyed a Sunday off!

But back to the Super Saturday. Back to back birthday parties in Bath mean I can now well and truly called myself a Bath Children's Entertainer. Everyone loves alliteration even if it’s not great for sentence structure. The first party will be the focal point of this blog post as I have more pictures from it and am super proud of the results and have been waiting to get the pictures back to share them with you. The hosts had the perfect spot to squeeze our cute little big top in. With far reaching views over the Keynsham countryside and a fantastically fortunate sunny November day to set things off, this was a party the guests will never forget!

Here's what both sets of birthday parents had to say...

Book these Bath based children's entertainers and throw the party that people will dominate playground talk for the kids and the parents.

We were putting in all this effort to celebrate the double birthday of 6 year old S and 2 year old C. Birthday mum Montse was a little worried about going over the top. But it was completely the perfect size for the amount of guests we had. I really like parties like this where all the parents hang around and mingle, enjoying a catch up but more importantly getting to see some of their children’s first circus experience or just pure enjoyment on their face. The full family atmosphere of having the adults as well helps us to create a more full on circus experience and supports the younger children on how to enjoy live entertainment.

We were a bit worried that little C would be too shy on the day of the party as she wouldn’t come near the big top but actually once the party kicked off it was quite the opposite. As is evidenced in this video C was hard to get off the stage and gave birthday dad a hard time controlling her energy.

I need to give a little shout out to photographer Greg, if you happen to see this post and you want me to link to your photography site I will gladly do so, but otherwise have a virtual high five for kindly sharing the pictures and capturing the day so beautifully. Here's a few more pictures.

No Big Top - No worries! These children's entertainers just need a village hall in or around Bath and we're all set.

Now I must also squeeze in a quick mention for birthday boy A. Who's mum booked me against all the odds struggling for availability of both myself and a hall to host the party in. We got there in the end. It was our second party that day. But you would never have known. There's nothing like a fresh set of kids to re-energise you, and these kids had energy!

Some lovely clips from this video showcase the fantastic party that we enjoyed. I had such a wonderful weekend and am so grateful to both sets of parents for picking us amongst all the other Bath based children's entertainers to host them at their children's parties. We are really enjoying being so in demand and will continue to develop ourselves as premium children's entertainers. Winter is coming, which means new routines ( I hope)

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Lucas Jet is a children's entertainer specialising in circus entertainment with energy levels to match your little ones. Our aim is to create magical days for not just your child but you the parents and all your friends. A children's party entertainer that you will want to book again and again.

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