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Bristol Kids Party Entertainers

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Momentum is building! We're getting lots of enquiries (most I'm already booked up for) but importantly we are booking in more and more Bristol kids parties. I think I may have said before how much I enjoy supporting local business's so its really special to us as Bristol kids party entertainers to actually be performing for the people of Bristol now.

The great thing is I know when we do a party that we are going to make new friends and contacts with people that have seen our work first hand and then build for the future. You can't watch our Lucas & Moses Circus show and not be enthralled by the fun on our faces as we work our way through our fast paced fancy routines battling gravity as we strive for perfection but inevitably fall just short : )

Parent Testimonial | Children's Entertainer | Circus Theme | Bristol

As well as the show, we did spinning plates, slack line walking, unicycle stuck in the mud, rides on my circus bike and actually everyone was simply happy to just enjoy the first pleasant day of the year. This was Violet's 5th birthday (who you can see below rocking a rather fantastic circus outfit) and we were so happy to keep her and her friends entertained on this lovely sunny day in Bristol. Violet was the first receiver of my new birthday gift at the end of each party. A handmade named canvas bag with a spinning plate inside.

Children's Entertainer | Circus Theme | Bristol

I also had a chance to make a short video from this and another party on the same weekend. You can get a really good feel for what you are getting when you book yourself a Lucas & Moses circus party.

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