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Don't look! You'll want to book - Circus theme Children's Party like no other!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Children’s Party Ideas to stand out from the crowd

I often find it quite hard to articulate how much fun we can have at a children’s party. As a children’s entertainer who has been known for my lack of modesty growing up, I find it hard to write down how amazing myself and my team are doing without it coming across as braggy.

Well for today…scrap that. This party was the best children’s party ever and we have beautiful photographs to prove it. Not only that, but we followed it the next weekend with 3 more amazing parties so I’m so happy with where it’s going right now.

Greatest showman theme children's party

Planning a children’s party can take advanced planning

Birthday mum Sarah first got in touch about booking a children’s entertainer back in March. After a quick chat on the phone it was clear this was going to be a big one and in hindsight it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are fresh from a summer of performing and we have squeezed in as many children’s parties throughout the year as possible. Drilling our shows and honing our craft, you might say we’re in peak physical condition (Moses is anyway).

Greatest Showman Children's Party | Circus Theme

Special extra details to throw the perfect circus kids party

The little man of the moment was the now 6-year-old Arthur. With so much time to plan this mega party and wanting to put as much love and detail into the day as possible, I decided it was time to start adding value to my party bookings. As mentioned in a previous post, I now include birthday party designs free when booking a party. I came up with a couple of designs and even got them professionally printed for Sarah (twice, due to a house move : ))

I also arranged for 75 handmade party bags with 'Arthur's Circus' written on them. Handmade by the lovely Louisa from Truly Scrumptious Bags, I filled them with a spinning plate, candy cane and a souvenir postcard as well. This was the first time I had ordered them en mass for a party as they are definitely a premium product but I hope it's not the last as they looked amazing!

Fast forward a few months and we’re getting closer to the big day. I learn that there’s actually 75 children and 50 or so adults. ‘Ahhhh we need a bigger tent’ was calmly suggested over the phone. Birthday mum Sarah agreed that this was a good plan with the potential for wet weather so we used a 2 pole red and white big top. A stunning first impression on arrival that gave so much wow factor to the unsuspecting guests.

Greatest Showman Children's Party | Circus Theme

Fun things to do for a children’s party

I wanted this party to jump out at you, bursting with fun. So I brought in our full back catalogue of outdoor play activities, whilst still leaving lots at home. This shows how much fun can be had in a Bigtopmania children’s area!

As children arrived it was a feast of colour. We had ‘Mega Blob’ which has been wonderfully captured here by our photographer. You can see it in its purest form as a piece of art and you can see it in action, essentially a bundle monster. Children just love to wrestle it, climb on it and generally let loose; a perfect way to burn some energy.

We were also on hand with bubbles for the younger children, older children and lets face it, everyone loves bubbles. Kids were free to clamber on top of 'Mega balls' and balance on slack lines. Not to mention this is all really before I count the party to have properly started!

Greatest Showman Children's Party | Circus Theme

Greatest Showman Children's Party | Circus Theme

Greatest Showman Children's Party | Circus Theme

Showtime! Circus performers for Children's Party

There was a little bit of suspense and an air of mystery as we hadn't let anyone inside the big top yet. I summoned my best Hugh Jackman and announced to the guests 'Ladies & gentleman, this is the moment you've been waiting for!'

The start of the show is always an amazing memory maker for the birthday child. We make them the star with a pre rehearsed acrobatic routine, and if possible we get some siblings involved. The audience raise the roof and truthfully, it's a tough act to follow.

circus party kids entertainment

I'm very proud to present our circus show. Whether it's when I'm performing on my own or with Moses or even a larger team like on this occasion, I'm proud of how we can win over the parents who maybe would rather be somewhere else. I'm also extremely proud of how many parents have told us at many different parties that it's the best party they've ever been to. I always wish I had a head cam on to capture those compliments.

circus skills kids party

Our offering is fairly unique in the level of variety we can conjure up from just two performers and is even more varied when our circus cast is complimented by the lovely Ellie Clibbens who presents the most complicated looking hoop moves with an effortless grace.

Highly recommended children's entertainers ''We cannot thank you enough for such an epic party! Arthur had an amazing 6th birthday. You and your team put in so much work and it was all absolutely fantastic for the children and the adults! We've been inundated with amazing messages from our family and friends. The most touching was from my grandmother who said that it was the best kids party ever... my nan should know she's been to a few at 81! Thank you again, you made Arthur's party super special for him and all of his circus dreams came true. You gave us all unforgettable memories''

circus performers for luxury kids party

Special thanks from us to Sarah, who let us make her dream party come to reality and helped build the excitement up for Arthur fantastically. I loved the way he was so keen to join in with the acrobatics, then a little bit of nerves would kick in and then he would push on and try again. Great perseverance!

More ways to make a circus children's party special

There was still lots more fun to be had at this super circus children's party. After being inspired by Ellie up on the trapeze, children were invited to take part in their own trapeze lessons and do their best Anne Wheeler impression.

I was responsible for putting children in bubbles which is always a sure fire hit and a great photo opportunity. Moses was teaching handstand lessons and inspiring the children to have no fear with acrobatic poses a plenty. You might say Poses with Moses.

aerial trapeze lessons for kids parties

trapeze lessons for children's party

acrobatic party

bubble kids parties

So thank you Arthur and family for holding the most utterly fantastic and amazing circus party and letting us play our rather large part. Fingers crossed we can come back and do you an 18th circus party one day! Scroll down to enjoy a few more pictures which have been fantastically captured by Leora and Lucas from FareLight Productions.

circus party for arthur

favourite children's party ever

trapeze artist for circus party

unicyclist for circus party

children's entertainers for circus theme birthday party

jugglers for circus kids party

children's entertainers for circus party

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

acrobatic children's entertainers

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Lucas Jet-Crane Wintermei
Lucas Jet-Crane Wintermei
Sep 28, 2018

Probably my favourite ever party! So in love with the photos.

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