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You won't believe how simple this money saving kids party tip is!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

First of all, I'm going to assume you have made a smart investment and booked yourself a children's entertainer by the name of Lucas or Moses. There are some things that are worth spending that bit extra on, for example; Twinnings Everyday would always be my preferred choice and I strongly dislike a Red Label teabag. I also find Organic bananas and carrots from Sainsbury's to be quite a sensible price increase on normal bananas and carrots so I almost always opt for this. Though I do find it hard to warrant spending double for a smaller organic Broccoli. One day I plan to put my prices up in the hope of being comfortable with buying organic broccoli's, watch this space.

circus theme children's party

Different children's entertainer packages

But back to the headline of this article. I'm quite aware that we are premium priced children's entertainers and very proud of the product that we are offering in terms of special memory making parties. Hopefully by having at least 3 different packages I am presenting something that is price appropriate for almost all children's parties. If not then there are still opportunities to see me perform for free. Whether it's at the marvellous Daylesford Organic Farm for their Summer Festival.

Or more recently during half term at Millets Farm Centre in Abingdon. I'll be back there in May with any luck.

But back to the children's party money saving tip. It's so simple you'll be annoyed that I've made you read this far. Like when you look up an amazing recipe, you get sucked in by the great picture and then scroll straight past all the waffle about why the writer loves Sunday morning breakfasts. The way to save some budget of for your amazing children's party is to do with timing and food. I have 2 main time slots. 11-1 and 3-5. If you book the 3-5 kids party then you are well timed for the children having already eaten lunch. So you are well placed to just dish up a nice slice of cake and maybe some popcorn or sweets. Then sit back and enjoy the wonder of the circus action. Your kids party standards will be forever raised by this game changing kids party.

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