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The ultimate Greatest Showman theme children's party

Updated: Mar 9

Wow! What a day! I'm entirely confident in describing the children's party that we helped to run last weekend as the ultimate children's party. It had everything. Circus tent? Check, Trapeze lessons? Check, Mega ball bouncing? Check, Tightrope walking and circus skills? Check, Big Balloon Disco? Check! Lucas & Moses themed circus cake? Check. We could barely believe how great it went. Full disclaimer now, this was my cousins joint birthday party. Hermione and Rosie were turning 8 and 7 respectively and my aunties thought it would be a nice chance to do a big party. Read on to find out how you can throw the ultimate Greatest Showman theme children's party.  Thanks of course to Neil Boyd for letting me use his fantastic photos. 

It was so wonderful to just throw everything we had at a party and enjoy the spectacular results. I mean this from a professional point of view but also what a lovely chance to give my cousin's and their friends a day they will never forget.

It was a 3 hour party. We welcomed people in through the side gate of the house and enjoyed watching people's faces light up with excitement. You might have known you were coming to a circus party but its not often you turn up to a circus tent in the back garden. First up was a combination of bubbles with me, mega ball bouncing with Moses and trapeze lessons by Amy.

It was a double header combined birthday party with birthday girls Hermione and Rosie which allowed the mums to share the organisation stresses and budget whilst we had the fun of entertaining all the children. 

We put on a spectacular show which brought delight to children, parents and grandparents alike. A definite highlight came right at the start when the girls joined us on stage for a synchronised acrobatics routine. 

It was a show full of fantastic circus feats and superstar volunteers which always plays a part in our shows but on this particular day it just seemed like every little thing went perfectly. 

After a brief break for food it was back to the action. Children could choose to have a go on the Trapeze or perhaps pose for a picture inside a bubble! 

We finished the ultimate circus party in true festival style with a big balloon disco, throwing some shapes, bouncing some balloons and generally having a whale of a time. What a brilliant party. I can't wait for more events just like this. 

Extra special party bonus! We got made into a birthday cake!!!

One of the birthday invite designs I provide when booking us.

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