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Did you know we also specialise in school circus shows and circus skills workshops!

Updated: Mar 10

I don't just work hard all weekend performing our circus shows at kids parties around the UK. We need something to do during the week, when we're not planning kids parties with potential parents or putting up circus big tops for events we are travelling far and wide spreading circus joy to primary schools all over the country.

You need to show this to your headteacher or your teacher friends.

Now we finally have a promo video of our school show that matches how good it is. I'm hoping to spread this video to as many teachers as possible and I could do with your help. If you have a friend that's a teacher at a local school or indeed a school around the country, it seems the hardest thing is getting a video in front of people.

I made the video 1 minute 30 seconds so it's short enough for the busiest of teachers to hopefully take a peak. Perhaps you've seen me in action and wanted to get myself and Jony to your party but couldn't quite make it happen. This is the perfect way to see both of us in action.

Not just the show but in depth engaging circus skills workshops

Sometimes there are occasions where a school don't need an excuse to have a circus show. A common booking is for a Christmas treat or a House competition prize for attendance, possibly a reward for a good OFSTED result.

Apart from just being a fun circus show we are there to help with areas that traditional PE might struggle to do for everyone;

  • Boost confidence

  • Teach perseverance skills

  • Engage children that don't enjoy traditional sports

  • Improve co-ordination

Launch your circus topic with an inspiring circus day from Lucas Jet

There are a few different curriculum themes that link to circus. I've heard of topics called 'magic and wonder' i've been booked based on a topic called 'marvellous me'. Some schools have circus as a topic and use the book Leon and the Place between which is a book that draws on lots of beautiful art and starts off with a magic show in a big top.

Schools love to use my circus day as an inspiring start to the topic. Giving children something to inspire their work whether that's writing letters about animal rights in circus's or even circus maths classes to do with ticket prices.

I've seen countless classroom big tops created by hard working teachers and even some amazing homework projects that have created the most amazing big tops.

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