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Circus inspiration for a vibrant primary school topic

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

This article is dedicated to the super kids and staff of Mission Grove school in Walthamstow, who I have just spent 3 days with doing circus shows and workshops. I love providing circus skills workshops for schools and have rarely had as greater atmosphere in my shows than here. The noise levels of the children was off the richter scale!

Having seen what a vibrant multi cultural school it is, I thought I would take this opportunity to offer some circus inspiration from around the world to the children from all the different backgrounds who clearly had a good time and enthusiasm for circus skills.

At the end of the article there is a download available of my own circus poem called Ricardo the Rope walker which you can use as inspiration for your own circus poetry. I would love to hear some.

All female Afghan juggling team amaze audience.

How about these amazing Afghan girl jugglers showing off their super juggling skills, I've seen them on social media before and here they are performing on tv.

Legendary jugglers and Ethiopian brothers Bibi & Bichu present Circus Abyssinia

I've actually been on tour with these 2 amazing jugglers. We were performing as part of Mr Tumble's Circus tour and juggled on stage in front of thousands at Wembley Stadium, there's a clip below as well as a clip of the incredible Circus Abyssinia.

Here's a clip of me performing with Bibi and Bichu at Wembley along with a certain Mr Tumble!

Nigerian Street Unicyclists!

I really like the ethos behind this group in Nigeria. They teach kids on the street to unicycle as a way of getting them away from crime and other distractions. Many years ago there was a similar initiative in Hackney where lots of young boys from disadvantaged backgrounds were taught to unicycle and I met some of them. It was brilliant to get to know kids from a very different background to your average unicyclists.

Finally here's another super circus act. Maybe my favourite in this list. It features a Kenyan juggler called Moses and a super charming English juggler called Lucas.

Thanks for having me Mission Grove. I hope you all had fun and enjoy watching these videos. If you would like to learn more, do subscribe to my youtube channel and there will be some tutorials for circus skills on there soon. Here's a poem I wrote.

Ricardo the Rope Walker by Lucas Jet

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