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A month in the life of a kids entertainer - January 2019 vs 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

January 2019 - a month for circus skills in primary schools and friends birthdays

Generally considered a quiet month for performers but kids are born all year round so as a birthday party specialist my weekend schedule remains fairly hectic and I enjoy some downtime during the week.

Last January I managed to book in 7 school circus days around the country with visits to primary schools in Brighton, Bristol, Hereford, Guildford and Banbury.

Here is a couple of lovely reviews from school circus workshop bookings last January.

We had Lucas in in January and what a fantastic day we had! We did an outstanding circus performance in an assembly and the workshops were amazing! Our children were very inspired by Lucas and the circus tricks and facts he taught them! The show at the end of the day was brilliant and I know the parents of the children loved it and so did the children! Thank you to Lucas for such a fantastic and inspiring day! We will be booking him for next year too!
circus workshops for primary schools

I got a warm fuzzy feeling when reading this review straight after a show from a mum that came to watch the pupils performance in the afternoon from a circus day in Brighton. A warm fuzzy feeling is always nice when your packing the car in the rain on a miserable January afternoon : )

Lucas came to our children's primary school today. Spent a few hours teaching the children circus tricks and they then put a show on for us parents. OMG amazing, the whole show blew me away. Every child was involved, the comedy was brilliant. The tricks that the whole class had learnt after just a few hours was simply incredible. Lucas is amazing. Our daughter has not stopped raving about what a fantastic day she has had. Highly recommend this man for party's, school visits or any event.

circus show for primary school

On the weekends whilst enjoying a quiet start to the month I did fit in 4 children's parties as well as a weekend boarding school performance at Stonar School near Bath.

I was lucky enough to perform at my good friends son's party. Loki was turning 6 from memory? I've known him since he was a baby and have pictures of him only weeks old being held standing in my shoes.

It was such a pleasure to be doing a kids party in Bristol (a goal for 2020 is to do more) but also to be performing for my mates as parents which was so cool. Super bonus to have got these epic pictures which are now spread all around my website.

So that's a total for January 2019 of 7 school days and 4 kids parties.

Here's a video from my kids party in Chiswick which I haven't shared yet because I only just got round to editing it! I've just been booked for a huge kids party in Chiswick and I wonder whether it's thanks to having this video.

2020 January so far I've got booked...6 primary school circus days, 7 children's parties and a 40th Birthday circus entertainment in Bristol. I was also lucky to have started the month with a week in Iceland with Aimz! Here's to work-life balance for 2020!

They say comparing yourself to others is never a good idea. I'm not sure whether comparing myself to last years self is a good idea. It's a nice way to reflect on achievements and look forward to the January ahead. Let's go head first 110% into the twenties!!!

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