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A Children's Party experience your family and friends will cherish forever - guaranteed!

Firstly thanks again for enquiring about our parties. The prices are outlined on this page. We have 4 main packages, I've worked hard to make videos that give you a great feel for the show. I'm also really proud of my google reviews so check them out, then refer to the pricing and make a booking decision on which package you would like.

Lucas Jet Circus Parties

What will your children's party look like? 


''Absolutely fabulous.
Couldn’t have asked for a better entertainer for our children’s 6th birthday party.

Lucas has incredible skill combined with such a calm friendly demeanour which really sets him apart from other entertainers.

All the kids were also given a chance to get involved making it so special.

The children and adults were captivated and so many people said to us that he was the best entertainer ever and he was.
Already considering a greatest showman 2 party next year!''


—  Jo Tauscher, London

4 party packages to suit your budget (additional cost for London)


Lucas Jet - Solo Circus

Lucas will put on a fantastic show to delight your guests. Featuring the razor sharp wit and super skills and spills. 

After the show there's a chance to try standing inside a bubble or riding on my spaceship unicycle with me.

Lots more info



Lucas & Jony - Circus Twins

Wow! You have never seen a show like this at a kids party. Unless you've seen us before. Even the most reluctant parents will be drawn in and captivated. Your kids will think they are in The Greatest Showman. This is an unforgettable party experience. More info



Lucas & Friends

This is a Circus Twins package with the addition of a free standing trapeze rig. Perfect for aspiring circus stars. Each child will get a turn up on the trapeze. Bounce on a mega ball! Plus the party features a 3rd team member which can help with larger parties. More Info


* We charge an extra £50 for London parties as we are based in Bristol but most popular in London

Big Top Children's Parties

These are for the parent that wants to throw the party to end all children's parties. A life size circus pops up in your garden. Imagine the your children's faces when they come home from school to find a circus tent outside.

Prices start at £1840. 

Lucas Jet Solo

Long before I met Jony and became the dynamic duo, I was working as a solo performer and developing my control of crowds of children. I'm hoping one day I'll achieve this. For now it would be my pleasure to show you my efforts as I take you through an exciting one person show. This show is packed with audience participation, high skilled circus tricks and humour for the kids and adults. A bundle of energy from start to finish and collapsed in the corner when I finish my day : )

A party full of magical moments for you and your guests

A hilarious and thrilling circus show that will have the children rolling around laughing and gasping with delight at the skills displayed by myself and them. Packed with special moments for the birthday boy or girl. Your child will finish this party feeling every bit the star they are! 

I'll orchestrate the children into party food time, get them sat down and recooperating ready for the next instalment of wonder. 

Think about how much your child likes bubbles and then imagine how exciting it will be for them as they get to stand inside a bubble. 

Lucas Jet Info

Lucas & Jony- Circus Twins

With this booking you're ensuring 2 hours of non stop laughs and audible gasps from parents as well as the kids. 

A standout moment is when your child is transformed into an acrobat and opens the show with some jaw dropping skills that will have everyone looking on in astonishment. Make sure to have a camera on hand, this is a hugely proud parent moment you'll want to relive again and again. 

A typical Circus Twins package includes;

A 40 minute all action circus show that will have the whole room engaged and amazed! - Take 2 minutes to watch the sample of the show to give you a feel of the wow factor we bring to your party. 

Circus skills workshops & acrobatic lessons - all children will come away from this party with a sense of achievement no matter what age or ability.

A magical moment for each guest to stand inside a bubble! 

Bouncing on a mega ball; See video below. 



Lucas & Moses

Lucas & friends super party

If you still want more circus extras to throw the ultimate children's party. We can provide plenty more. The below is available in addition to the above mentioned packages. 


Trapeze is a hugely popular addition to a circus party and always a huge hit, especially with the gymnast obsessed children. Giving you endless photo opportunities and the children a chance to re create their favourite moves from The Greatest Showman.

A super enthusiastic and friendly trapeze teacher and trapeze rig is available for an extra £520.  

Mega Balls! For outdoor parties these are a must. We will bring one along free of charge and have loads of bonus fun. See photo to right. We can bring along upto 10 for big parties. All different sizes. This has never been requested so we might have to work out a price. 

Lucas & Friends

Big Top Party!

This is the big one. The party to end all parties. I've written pretty extensively about these parties elsewhere on this site.

Big Top prices are available over on Big Top Birthdays. Big Top parties require a conversation, so pick up the phone and give me a call.

One thing to note is that the prices on that page are only for the big top, the entertainment prices would then be the same as above. 

Hopefully you had a chance to watch the big top video up above. Here's 2 more videos, one is from the same party but a different video edit and the other is a from a smaller big top party in Bath. You can see some fantastic pictures and read about it here.

Big Top Info
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