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A Children's Party experience your family and friends will cherish forever - guaranteed!

Firstly thanks again for enquiring about our parties. The prices are outlined on this page. We have 4 main packages I implore you to spend 10 minutes watching the different videos and reading the testimonials then refer to the pricing and make a booking decision on which package you would like.

Lucas Jet Circus Parties

What will your children's party look like? 


''Absolutely fabulous.
Couldn’t have asked for a better entertainer for our children’s 6th birthday party.

Lucas has incredible skill combined with such a calm friendly demeanour which really sets him apart from other entertainers.

All the kids were also given a chance to get involved making it so special.

The children and adults were captivated and so many people said to us that he was the best entertainer ever and he was.
Already considering a greatest showman 2 party next year!''


—  Jo Tauscher, London

4 party packages to suit your budget (additional cost for London)


Lucas Jet - Solo Circus Party

Lucas will put on a fantastic show to delight your guests. Featuring the razor sharp wit and super skills and spills. 

After the show there's a chance to try standing inside a bubble or riding on my spaceship unicycle with me.

Lots more info



Lucas & Jony - Circus Twins

Wow! You have never seen a show like this at a kids party. Unless you've seen us before. Even the most reluctant parents will be drawn in and captivated. Your kids will think they are in The Greatest Showman. This is an unforgettable party experience. More info



Lucas & Friends

This is a Circus Twins package with the addition of a free standing trapeze rig. Perfect for aspiring circus stars. Each child will get a turn up on the trapeze. Bounce on a mega ball! Plus the party features a 3rd team member which can help with larger parties. More Info


Big Top Children's Parties

These are for the parent that wants to throw the party to end all children's parties. A life size circus pops up in your garden. Imagine the your children's faces when they come home from school to find a circus tent outside.

Prices start at £1840.