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What to do now you've booked yourself a super children's party entertainer from Lucas Jet

Congratulations on making a very sensible decision. You've booked a children's party from us and guaranteed yourselves a party that will be the talk of the playground for months afterwards. We're so happy to play our part in making your child's party dreams come true and bring your vision to life.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Step 1 - Don't delay pay the deposit today.

I will make every effort to hold your date for you if you have said you want the date, but if I send you a deposit invoice and don't hear from you for a week and have other mums looking to book that date then it puts me in a difficult position. The deposit secures the date for you and for me.

We take a £50 deposit on all party bookings. This guarantees your date and time and protects us in the unlikely event of cancellation. Obviousy if there are extenuating circumstances I will happily return your deposit or attempt to rearrange the date.

Step 2 - Every children's entertainer *needs a stage! Find yourself a fab venue

This could also be step 1, but in my experience there is always a venue available in your village or town, you might need to look around a bit. The hard part of the booking is finding a date that we are available so if you've managed that then find a venue based around that availability rather than booking a venue then coming to us and us not being available for that time or date.

We can do parties outside in gardens with lovely results but you should consider having a back up plan if the weather forecast is not looking kind. Our show isn't really appropriate for inside an average sized house.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Village Halls are the way forward...

Remember you want to book a time slot for at least an hour before the party and after to be safe.

If your local village hall isn't available why not try a cricket club, scout hut, hotel, community centre, youth centre. They will all have hosted children's parties before. Ask them if you can use their urn and if they have cups and saucers so you can keep the parents happy with cups of tea or Prosecco.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Generally massive sports halls are not ideal, they are very big spaces that echo and it can be a challenge to create the right atmosphere.

If we were looking for our perfect birthday party venue we would look for.

  • Easy access for loading in we don't travel particularly light so as little walking distance as possible is much appreciated.

  • Plenty of parking for your guests.

  • High ceilings - at least 3m high ceiling is great for us to perform our show at its best. If you're booking a trapeze party it needs to be at least 3.2m

  • Large flat wooden floor is our perfect surface, but generally anything indoors is usually fine.

*we don't actually want a stage, we perform on the floor and bring along a nice colourful ring mat to set the scene and transport your children to the magic of the big top.

Step 3 - The devils in the detail, send me full party details so I can create your FREE birthday invitation design.

One of the additional services you get as part of booking a party with us is that I design you a lovely custom circus invitation. I send this to you as a pdf to print at home or if you prefer for an additional cost I can have them professionally printed with envelopes delivered to your door. A great way to build excitement amongst your friends both children's and parents. In order to create your invitation with as few re designs as possible please email me with the following;

  • Name and age of birthday child

  • Address of party venue

  • Your home address (not included on invite but required for thank you card to you)

  • Time of party

  • Mobile number for rsvp's

  • Preferred design

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Step 4 - Make me aware of any special things you want to include in the party

I want to give you and your child the most memorable party possible, not everything that you see on my instagram comes to every party as sometimes it might be a clip from a festival children's area. If you've seen something that you love then do specify it, with notice I can usually bring it all and usually there won't be an extra charge. I just need to know in advance.

Similarly if you have any extras planned that you want to include, just let me know in advance so I can be aware of timing the party correctly. Otherwise I will assume that we are more or less orchestrating the full party apart from the food.

Step 5 - Order spinning plates and party bags

This is quite an important step if you do want to act on it. Spinning plates can be a very simple party favour. They cost £3 each and are very high quality compared to the majority of the spinning plates you can find on Amazon. I will bring them with me on the day and they can be put inside specially made party bags which have your birthday child's name printed on them. These bags are £6 each. So total cost £9 per bag.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Luxury Parties | United Kingdom

Step 6 - Thats all the important things out the way, now for the fun stuff.

I like the idea of bigging us up to the point that we are more than just the unknown entertainers turning up, it's more like 'Wow mum look Lucas & Moses are here!!!'

You could tell them some fun facts about us...

Did you know Lucas was 4 x British Unicycle Champion and when he was 16 he was invited to go on Blue Peter.

Or the fact that Moses came from living in on the tough streets of Nairobi when he was just 8 years old, he was then in a children's home where him and his twin brother won a competition to win a place at a Chinese circus school!

Why not show the birthday child a video of us in action to build the excitement. Here's a couple of my favourites.

In fact here's a video of our finale, we perform up to 10 headers in our show. But secretly our record is 50, why don't you tell them that and ask them to challenge us at the end of the party to beat it. Then one day it we will do it, and it will be a magical moment for all of us!

Optional extras and extra touches to make your circus party even more special.

Fancy dress? Some people love it, some people aren't keen, we're not fussed either way, but it makes for really cute pictures if the birthday girl is in an awesome circus outfit or the birthday boy has a super smart circus jacket.

Balloons? Again not a necessity as we bring a lot of colour to the table with our ring mat and generally colourful personalities. But then again everyone loves balloons.

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