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I'm in this weird position at the minute where I have been to a lot of children's parties. But they are very much my type of children's party, dictated by the children's entertainer, which is me. I haven't been to any other children's parties or seen any other entertainers in action. I'm not yet a parent and I would assume it's going to be quite rare that I get a chance to go to any of the other parties as I will be working as well. I have however seen a lot of great final touches from dedicated and creative birthday parents. I'd like to share some of them now and hopefully give you some ideas for future parties. These extra touches are what brings the party together and is your chance to have some fun.

Children's Circus theme party plates I love this pattern of cups and plates for serving up your birthday lunch, but I love the napkin bow ties even more. I didn't actually see how they were made, but I want to say it doesn't look too complicated. It might even be well spent quality family time. Or perhaps thats the rose tinted spectacles view of it and actually it would be a late night wine fuelled mission that you forgot to do until the night before the party, either way the end result is lovely.

Handmade Circus Party Bags - supplied by us

We have a hardworking lady in London that whips these up for us. She puts your child's name on the bag to make it feel even more special to them and they are a great giveaway in themselves. You don't even have to put much in them. If you choose to, we can also supply spinning plates so you have a ready made circus party bag. We can assemble the bags for you. For a bag printed with the birthday child's name on it and spinning plate and postcard inside it's £9 per bag.

Keep your children's party under control

Quick disclaimer, if the word gets out that either of us are performing at your party, you're going to have all kinds of super fans turning up. I'm talking mums, other birthday kids, even some dads. They all want a glimse. So it's a good idea to have a ticketing system. This was a cute little touch for birthday girl Bea to able to give to her friends as they arrive. I've also recently seen medals be given out on arrival as well as bright red glittery hats that looked brilliant.

Mini birthday cake ideas.

I don't want to talk about cakes too much here because I've seen so many epic birthday cakes this year that there's a whole blog post waiting for that. I'm just waiting for the right time. But if I can draw your eyes to the amazing marshmallow cup cakes to look like popcorn. I thought this was a seriously classy way to do popcorn and avoids all the mess. Top marks for creativity Helen!

Here's another idea, instead of a big cake, or as well as a big cake, have cupcakes laid out in the number of the birthday. Ideally these should match your dress, well done Emma you thought of everything.

Right now I am just loving gathering up all these ideas so that one day when I have my little ones I'll be able to refer back to this post and wonder how you all found time amongst having kids to do all these amazing things. Big up the birthday mums!

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Lucas Jet is a children's entertainer specialising in circus entertainment with energy levels to match your little ones. Our aim is to create magical days for not just your child but you the parents and all your friends. A children's party entertainer that you will want to book again and again.

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For parties and children’s entertainment, We can create bespoke packages with you to best accommodate your budget and give each child a unique experience. No prices are fixed so get in touch with your idea and let’s get the party started!

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