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Children's Parties

The challenge of holding the attention of 35 wild 7 year olds means no day at work is the same as the last.

Reasons I       kids parties!

Father & Son

Lucas Jet Solo

Want your little guests to have a truly memorable experience while you mingle without worrying if the kids are getting bored or rowdy? Thats guaranteed with my 2-Hour Deluxe Circus Show Package. Parents never regret making this booking as they relax and actually enjoy their party.

Lucas Jet is a seasoned circus professional and children's entertainer from birth, check out the format of the day so you know what to expect. 

Lucas & Jony Circus Twins

The Circus Twins 'Buoyant personalities shining through in their comedic circus skills show'

We love entertaining your children. With twice the energy and twice as many hands (sometimes twice as many drops), it allows us to go that extra mile for special occasions where one isn't enough. Whilst Lucas is welcoming everyone to the party with spinning plates, Jony gets the children learning acrobatics with him, perfect for the gymnastic obsessed birthday girls and their friends. Our show is super high energy and skill, Jony brings the 'Cirque Du Solei and I bring the Cirque Du Silly! Together we are the perfect match. We encourage parents to grab a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the show with their kids. Also a 2 hour party with Circus Workshop, Show, Acrobatics lessons and child in a bubble

Lucas & Friends

This is me plus a cast of circus performers, sometimes its me plus a fantastic clown (not the scary type). Usually one of them will be Jony as we do the most routines together. Other options include a hula hoop performer who can also double up as a trapeze teacher for the children to have a go on our trapeze. This really makes it an all round unique party experience for you and your friends.

Bigtopmania Deluxe

A deluxe party is your chance to create a magical circus personalised to you. With a variety of different big tops available we have different colour schemes and sizes to make sure the tent creates the perfect atmosphere for your little ones. 

The price is fairly flexible, but the smallest big top that can host 30 children and enough room for a show is £900 + VAT and then its advised to have at least 2 artists for a good scale circus show to match the impressive big top. The big top comes complete with carpet, tiered seating, ring mat and circus signs. This is sure to be the party to end all parties.

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