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Children's parties in Bath deserve an...

Absolutely extraordinary experience!

Ashleigh Tennant, Bath parent


Children's Parties in Bath

We are based in Bristol as a company, but have a fondness of Bath and the families in Bath seem to feel the same way about us. This party was actually in Keynsham but a lot of the guests were from Bath. It was one of our first parties in the area and what a way to announce ourselves!

This was a joint birthday party at the clients home, they had a big top, interactive inflatable, mega ball, bubbles and a full circus show. With a beautiful sunny day and far reaching countryside views, this was truely an unforgettable party. 

Rest assured you don't have to book the big top, we are equally comfortable in a village hall or arts centre.

luxury kids party

What would your dream circus party look like? 

This children's party video shows our performance and entertainment services that we provided to a very lovely family in Keynsham. Rest assured if you don't want a big top putting up in your garden then we are just as comfortable bringing the circus to your local village hall. Our ring mat and backdrop will transform any indoor venue into a scene from the Greatest Showman. 

Serving Bath and all surrounding villages.

Having relocated to Keynsham in June 2021, Lucas is now pushing harder than ever for more parties in the Bath area. Hugely successful parties in Pensford, Corsham, Glastonbury and Street recently have snowballed the popularity of our parties. 

The only barrier to being able to do more parties in Bath is that London parents tend to book us months in advance so we are trying t find the balance.

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