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Lucas and Jony are raising the levels of kids parties all over the country. Authentic circus performers bringing all the big skills of the big top to your little circus party. 

To be honest we get quite flabbergasted by the feedback from clients and friends of clients. On a consistent basis we receive comments such as 'I've been to about 60 children's parties and you are the best I've ever seen.' As young performers just making our way in this world. We feel we can keep improving and we testing out new material for happy customers. Check out some of the reviews below. 

What you get with a Lucas & Jony Children's Party including but not limited to...

A super high level circus show

All our circus shows are packed with energy, but with our double act you get twice the smiles, double the laughs, so much happiness bouncing around the stage it will radiate to your guests. We just love performing our choreographed routines. 

Circus Skills

Every circus party should offer a chance to try the skills yourselves. We will get you plate spinning, hula hooping, juggling and hand standing, no matter what age or ability, there's loads of fun to be had! You can even book up Trapeze teachers as part of our team. What a truly special experience. 

Acrobatic Workshop

Jony has incredible gymnastic skills honed from years in an Ethiopian circus school. He's fantastic at encouraging children to learn new skills, he instills so much belief in little ones and gives them the support and confidence to try amazing new things with only a very short interaction. Be prepared for mega photo opportunities and be warned kids will be standing on shoulders! 

Child in a bubble

The clue is in the title really, this goes down equally well with mums and dads as it does the kids. Your little one gets a chance to stand inside a bubble! 

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Lucas and Jony - Circus Performers

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