A virtual show beamed straight to your living rooms!


I was actually quite quick to act on going online once lockdown kicked in. I started building youtube tutorials to teach children how to learn circus and stay active whilst not at school. They were really popular.


On the back of this I was invited to do a Facebook Live show for Camp Bestival's Easter Sleepover. My show got 30,000 views and 900 lovely comments. So I'm confident in saying that my show does work in a virtual capacity. 


What will your virtual show look like? 

Here is a 1 minute promo of an online show I did for Camp Bestival. It features a few of my tricks, in fact it features a whole roster of circus tricks that you wouldn't have thought possible to squeeze into my living room. Check out that backdrop! That's not a zoom background. That's me re arranging my living room to fit my backdrop up. 

Screenshot 2020-04-23 08.29.50.png
Screenshot 2020-04-23 08.30.32.png
Screenshot 2020-04-23 08.30.16.png
Screenshot 2020-04-23 08.31.27.png
Screenshot 2020-04-23 08.30.06.png

How much will my Zoom show cost? 

I've adopted a flexible approach to pricing for my online shows. I know (hope) this is only going to be short term, it's not forever. So in the mean time I'd like to make my shows as accessible to as many people as possible. I've adopted a 'Pay as you feel' policy. After the show you will be sent my PayPal email and you can transfer me any amount you think is fair. 

A school event Facebook Live takeover to boost school spirits.


I think we are all recognising the need to try and bring the children together and make sure they get as much interaction or happiness as possible. I've had great joy taking over a primary schools facebook page and doing my show along with a few of my circus poems. There was hundreds of comments again and all the children interacting with each other. 

I'm offering these shows at a significantly discounted rate for the lockdown period with the hope that I can do my bit to help in the crisis and build relationships with schools for future full circus day. 


A virtual kids party beamed to your living room!


We are offering home based virtual circus parties using Zoom. It's going to be a show very similar to the one that I did for Camp Bestival, but with more face to face interactions and trick requests from the kids at the party. 

This can offer a really nice way to bring their friends together on their birthday and give them all 45 minutes of laughter and amazement. 

As well as the circus show there will be a chance to learn some home based circus skills so everyone can get involved. 

Get in touch to book your virtual party now!