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Children's Entertainers in The Cotswolds - A Chipping Norton Circus Party

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

At the minute it's non stop parties for Lucas & Moses. Every Saturday and Sunday we are running round like headless children's entertainers. This weekend we returned to Chipping Norton in The Cotswolds, on the Cotswolds? I feel like it's on the Cotswolds. I sometimes feel a bit anxious about performing to people that are in Giffords territory, knowing full well that they may have recently witnessed the best that British circus has to offer is a bit nerve racking, but i can't help it if they look me up on youtube before the booking : )

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

This was a super special party for us. We were returning to celebrate the 8th birthday of Boo. Last year they saw us perform at Rewind Festival, then booked us to entertain their guests at Boo's 7th Birthday. That party was sort of an open the floodgates moment as from this time last year the enquiries and parties started flying in and now we wish there was a 5 day weekend so we could fit more parties in. It was Boo's birthday last year that gave us this classic clip.

And here's the birthday girl last year being the star of the show with Moses as her glamorous assistant. Check the video at the bottom for the all new super star acrobatic routine.

Children's Party Entertainer | Circus Theme Party | Kids Party Entertainer

So the big question is what did we have in store for this year...well we both had new costumes, some different choreography for a couple of routines. In fact although I didn't think it would. You would never have known that they had seen the show before, such was the pure delight and surprise on the children's faces even though to me they are the same old jokes. It was a nice realisation for me. I now have my show for the rest of my career : )

Trapeze lessons for children's party

We did also bring some really fun additions to the party. An all new high trapeze rig was hugely popular and children were being taught by our good friend Becky, I was clawing people away from the queue and trying to persuade them to do something else while they were waiting. We also had hula hooping at the start.

The big red mega ball was a very welcome guest to the party. So much fun was had and the parents had a hard task dragging their children away. In amongst all this we had all the usual suspects at a Lucas and Moses kids party. Children had the opportunity to stand inside a bubble! They were taken for rides on the space rider Ninebot! Wheelie rides on my circus bike! Plate spinning! More bubbles!

The nice thing about having a third person on hand during the show is we can collect some amazing video clips. I managed to piece together this little memory maker video to give a good idea of what went on at the party. Do give it a watch. It's awfully cute and set to nice music. Let me know what you think in the comments section of this blog!

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