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Can I borrow 2 minutes of your time?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

So you may have seen it going around Facebook, my original post of our brand new promo video did pretty well. 19 shares and 1.6k views without really begging people too much. I think people could recognise the effort and investment that had gone into making the video and hopefully genuinely enjoyed watching the video. We are just a couple of small fry children's entertainers after all, attempting to take over the world one kids party at a time.

A little help from my friends?

But having released the video on facebook I neglected the Youtube version which is below. I don't know a great deal about youtube ranking, but the gist of it I believe is that it's relatively easy to rank a youtube video on google. I think that the more views it has the better chance of people seeing it there is. I am writing this blog post with tired eyes on a Saturday night after a weeks solid performing every day. Please forgive me if the wording isn't fantastic.

If you are still reading at this stage then thank you for bearing with me. All I am actually asking is that you click play on the video below. If you have a youtube account and you can comment on it, then that would be even better. I will personally reply with a witty quip to anyone that does comment. I'd love it if you clicked share on your social media platforms as well.

Why am I bothered?

In short, I think it looks a bit sad to have such a good video with only 50 or so views, you may say it looks even worse to send out this begging blog post. But i am willing to look past that. So this is a call out, if you love what we do, have seen our show or booked us as entertainers for your kids party. Would you be kind enough to just click play, you can even pop it on mute and then open another tab and go back to reading the many interesting articles on this fantastically engaging blog but preferably enjoy the video.

P.S What do you think of our new logo? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section of this blog article. It's really quick to login.

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